Sometimes, life can feel hard.

Life is beautiful and wonderful and amazing. But sometimes it is also hard. Sometimes you feel positive and luminous and flowing. At other times, things can just feel really heavy and difficult and stuck.

Maybe you’re in business for yourself and everything just stops flowing. You start to wonder where your cash flow is coming from. A launch fails. People aren’t booking in for your sessions, or workshops, or programs. You feel stuck in worry and overwhelm. Or behind the scenes of your gorgeous business, you’re fire fighting problems with your team, or systems, technology, your energy levels, or “haters” and it all just feels way too hard.

Maybe you go through a bereavement that turns your life upside down. You start to question everything.

Maybe you experience big relationship challenges, or have a terrible break up. Maybe you’re unhappy about being single for an extended period, or just go from one bad relationship to another and feel like you just can’t get it right. Maybe you can’t fall pregnant and you feel like you’ve tried everything. Maybe you feel you lost your identity after kids and don’t know what you’ll do now as they’re getting older.

Maybe you develop a chronic illness and you sense that there’s an emotional connection, or that certain patterns have contributed to its creation. You’re working hard but can’t seem to get any traction in your healing.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a ton of complex family or friend stuff that you can’t seem to separate from. Maybe you’ve become completely disconnected from who you are and what you want and don’t know how to move forwards.

At some point in life, it’s likely you’ll experience an issue, or set of issues, that challenges you and stretches the limits of all your usual coping mechanisms.

At these times, there’s no quick fix.

Once things have reached a point where they’re causing a great deal of pain, and there are some genuine complexities, and a lot of your old, unresolved stuff has been triggered, there’s no quick way out. You might just want the healing, or process of change, over and done with, but it doesn’t tend to work that way.

You have a choice. You can go into blame, feel like a victim, fixate on how unfair it all is, think others should change, feel angry at the situation, go into bitterness, wish someone would rescue you, feel resentful that “other people” have life so much “easier” or demand that others fix it for you.

Or you can choose to face it head on. You can stay curious. Soften. You can use this stuck, painful, “unfair” situation as your opportunity to learn, evolve and grow. This is what my clients do.

You won’t be through it after one or two Kinesiology (or any other) sessions, a few meditations, a bit of manifesting or some daily affirmations.

In fact, sometimes it takes a great deal of work.

Occasionally clients tell me they can’t believe old “stuff” is still coming up, especially when it’s old childhood stuff. “Seriously,” they say, “I have done so much work on this stuff, in so many ways! When will it be DONE?”

It will be done when it’s done.

If your stuff is coming up (and usually it’s coming up again because either you haven’t fully dealt with it, or new challenges or even growth have triggered it) then it’s an opportunity for healing. The pathways of healing are infinite. Kinesiology is just one of the amazing tools you can access to support you.

If you want to go there, Kinesiology can take you deep. It’s no quick-fix, or bandaid solution. Kinesiology can give you huge realisations. Help you identify and shift old, old patterns. In Kinesiology, we’re communicating with YOUR body, higher self, subconscious. The information that comes up is what YOUR BODY wants to be brought into your consciousness for healing. Sometimes you’re ready for huge change and NOW. Sometimes, you’re making big, almost invisible, internal architectural shifts, and the external changes will happen over time.

It is always YOU who is making the changes, at the pace you are ready for. I can be a powerful, incredibly supportive guide. But don’t try and hand your personal power over to me. I will just hand it right on back (gracefully, and lovingly, of course). YOU are powerful. It’s your life. Own it, and all your choices.

While you’re stuck in frustration and feeling like “when will this be done” or “I think I’ve done enough healing now” – it’s actually a form of self-rejection.

It’s a lack of self-love.

YES, even if you’ve done “heaps of work on self-love.”

This is what self-love looks like.

When you are truly in a space of self-love you instead feel a little more like this:

“Whatever is needed for me to heal, I will give it to myself. I will stay curious and compassionate with myself.

If I have to go back and heal stuff from my childhood a million more times so I can feel amazing, unencumbered and fully open to the wonderful things my life has to offer, I will do it.


Ironically, when we feel this way, the healing process is greatly accelerated. Miracles happen.

The truth.

I adore Danielle LaPorte’s post: Comfort zones, truth telling – and by the way, I’m no guru.

She tells it like it is.

She talks about how sometimes she’ll give a talk, and someone will stand up, and in their question it’s all “I want to change or to grow or to feel x but … but … but …” She said she used to scramble. Find some other way to explain things. Soften it.

Here’s her answer now:

“For the Love, Love. I can’t solve all your problems from up here (in fact, I can’t solve any of them). Go easy on me.

And, newsflash: Life is really really hard and I never said this consciousness shiz was easy.

You gotta work for it, babe.”

We all gotta work for it. You do. I do. Danielle LaPorte does. Danielle’s friends Gabrielle Bernstein and Kris Carr do.

It’s worth it.

You’re worth it.

Show up for yourself.

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