When you’re an entrepreneur, falling out of alignment is completely natural.

It happens all the time when you work for yourself – so many things can cause it.

A client cancelling. Unsubscribes. Comparisionitis. A confidence crisis. Funny communication stuff. Money fears. A disappointing launch.

These things can be little, but when you’re already doubting yourself or feeling a bit unstable… you can start spiralling out of alignment and into fear.

You need tools on hand to nip that feeling in the bud, FAST.

I created my Align + Attract group program so I could teach you how to get back in alignment. It’s enrolling right now! So who is Align + Attract for?

My group program: Align + Attract is for natural therapists, coaches and other heart-based solopreneurs who want to release self-sabotage, confusion and overwhelm and get into alignment.

I help you get clear on what you really want – the qualities of your ideal client, your fees, your income goals and the numbers you want to attract, and teach you how to get aligned to your goals.

Align + Attract has had incredible feedback from participants. And it could be just what YOU need.

Align + Attract could be perfect for you if you:

  • Feel like something is off in your business. You know you’re not aligned right now but don’t know how to get back on track.
  • Sometimes find yourself stuck in fear, comparison, overwhelm and procrastination, and want to connect to a stronger sense of self-belief and confidence as you make decisions and take action in your business.
  • Want to know how to tap into your own wisdom – you know that constantly looking outside yourself for answers will only take you so far – whether it’s from friends, family, peers, a high-priced coach, or anyone else, but you don’t feel like you have the confidence to really back yourself.
  • Often feel shaky about your decisions – and find yourself asking for lots of opinions or making decisions and then doubting yourself.
  • You have an idea of your ideal client, but you don’t feel like you’re attracting them – or not in high enough numbers to really feel a sense of flow.
  • You’d like to attract more ideal clients to your programs and courses – you’re already doing lots on the marketing side of things, but you sense that you’d attract more participants if you were feeling more in the flow.
  • You’re not doing enough marketing or taking enough action because you feel blocked – you probably feel frustrated about it, and wish you knew what was blocking you and how to clear it so you could move forwards!
  • Launching anything or making any changes in your business really stresses you out – you’d like some tools you can use to support yourself through this process.
  • Wish you felt a sense of stability around your pricing – it feels off, or you have major wobbles and stress whenever you change your pricing.
  • Want to feel like the leader you are in your business – rather than feeling like other people have all the answers while you flounder.
  • Can commit to yourself. You will need to devote a few hours a week to the 6 week program to support your efforts at aligning yourself. It won’t happen through osmosis (well, maybe a tiny bit. But I’d prefer you to join us if you’re going to do the work!)
  • Take responsibility for your own growth and development – you know you’re responsible for the success of your business. The tools and process in Align + Attract will support you, but you already know there’s no magic bullet that’s going to fix everything in your life and business. You know you need to do the work, same as all of us.
  • Wish you could feel a greater sense of clarity and confidence in yourself and where you’re heading – doubt is driving you crazy.
  • Have the foundations of your business sorted, and have at least the basics of your website, newsletter and social media already set up so you can start taking immediate action to attract more clients.
  • Sense that working with a whole group of people who are also aligning like crazy will be magical. It is.

If you love the idea of knowing how to get yourself back into alignment in your business, I’d love to help you.

I was very lucky that when I started my business (back in 2009) I had a huge number of tools I used to keep getting myself back into alignment and focused on my clients, taking action and moving forwards when things felt a bit uncertain or scary.

I still use them ALL THE TIME.Staying in alignment is VITAL if you want a sustainable business that feels good to you. Now I want to teach them to you.

Are you feeling the calling? Is it your time to step up? The world needs your light. Don’t hide it away because you’re stuck in fear or worry.

Remember the power of having a soul-group around you, women who are on the same path you are, and have some of the same hopes and aspirations. Align + Attract attracts inspiring change-makers and light workers just like you. The women who join this program will become part of your support team.

Align + Attract is enrolling now ready to start Monday 26th September.

Align + Attract



If you're an entrepreneur and would love to learn how to align your energy and attract more clients, check out Kerry's group program: Align + Attract

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