How you work with a Kinesiologist really depends on what your overall intention is and where you’re at in your life.

If you’ve already done quite a lot of work on yourself and you’re very self-aware, you may just have a couple of sessions with a Kinesiologist on a specific issue or two.

If you are wanting to create change in your life, or you’re really wanting to get aligned in multiple areas of your life, obviously you need to work with someone over time.

I recommend you find someone you really resonate with and then commit to doing some work with that person.

The way I most love to work with my clients right now is in my three month packages and the reason is that it creates a very solid container for the work we’re doing.

We both know that we’re working together over three months and I find that what comes up in those earlier sessions is so much broader, bigger and deeper because you know (and I know) that we are going to get the time to clear it on a lot of different levels and you’re really taking your growth seriously, and you’re going to stick with it, for yourself.

It’s like that provides an extra level of safety so that deeper things can come up and you can shift on a deeper level that when you came in, you probably weren’t even thinking about.

This is very different to just coming to see me or anyone else for a one-off session and hoping we can quickly transform your life (if you’re like the vast majority of my clients you’re looking for real change and deep healing, which usually doesn’t come in the form of a quick fix).

The work we do in Kinesiology is very deeply transformative work, often deeper than you initially realise.

You can create big changes within a session, but just having one-off sessions and then moving on to your next therapist all the time can also be a way of avoiding doing the deeper work that would help you create and integrate the sustained changes you crave.

How my current clients work with me.

I have clients I have been working with for years now; some of my clients I’ve been working with for 5 or 6 years.

For those clients, they don’t work with me all the time. Initially they might have, but now they might come to see me (over Skype) every couple of months, or every six months, or even every year.

They’ll come when they feel inspired to come back and work on some things, or they’ll have certain issues come up and they think, “Yeah, I want to work on that with Kerry.”

So it’s like in those early stages it’s great to commit and support yourself to create some big and sustainable changes, but then when you’ve got a relationship with somebody, you can absolutely just come back for tune up sessions when you need them.

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