What should you expect after a Kinesiology session?

Since I started working professionally with clients back in 2009, I have gone onto work with well over 600 clients. Some may just have one session, most have at least a few, and others I have worked with regularly or sporadically for years.

I thought it would be really useful to create a video to share what I’ve found you can most commonly expect to feel after a Kinesiology session. I have explained variations of this hundreds of times over the years!

I never quite know how you’ll feel after a session, and how changes will flow for you. It varies a great deal depending on the individual, what you’re working on and how you were feeling beforehand. However after working with so many clients, I have found there are some broad themes.

There are 3 main ways I have found that clients respond after a Kinesiology session.

Watch the video to find out what they are, and read below for a transcript:

1. You might find you feel quite a lot better almost straight away

Obviously a lot of people feel this is the best possible outcome they can get (the other outcomes I describe can be equally, if not more powerful, so try not to judge how you feel after a session, just observe.) You might feel really happy, really confident, really clear. Sometimes you will feel like you are immediately back to yourself, you know what you need to do. Sometimes people almost want to rush off the call, because they feel like, “I just want to get on with it!”

That can be almost like an elevated high that we’ll feel, which usually doesn’t sustain indefinitely. It’s not that it goes away, but it just might taper off a little bit over the next few days and becomes a more integrated way of being.

2. You might feel a far more gradual change

At the end of your session you might feel calmer, or clearer, but you may also feel a little bit unsure, or like you don’t quite know how you feel yet, which is totally fine.

What tends to happen after that is more gradual change occurs over days, weeks or even longer. It might not be until you’re in certain situations and then you notice that you responded differently, or a couple of weeks later you think, “Oh I haven’t been worrying about my relationship with this person like I normally am, or I haven’t thought about that incident from the past that was really impacting on me, or I haven’t binged.”

It might not be until after the fact that you notice the change, but you didn’t necessarily notice as you go along. You might also experience different dreams, you can be very thirsty, or extremely tired. That can be a sign that things are processing.

You might find as well that it’s the people around you who notice that you’ve changed. Sometimes people tell me that people around them are saying things like, “You look really different. You sound different. You seem more confident.”

It’s like they’re getting feedback from the world around them about what is shifting and changing.

3. Occasionally you might feel worse (temporarily) or quite up and down

Naturally we want to think, “That must be the worst way to feel after a session, of course I wouldn’t want that to happen to me!” but it is always a sign that a really big shift is taking place.

It can sometimes be called a healing crisis.

You can often get a sense for yourself if that is what’s going on, because it actually feels a bit different, and you can feel that there is a lot processing.

It will often be when you’ve been in a really stuck place, or you have been really quite low, or a lot of negative thoughts. People sometimes experience this as well if their diet has been very poor, or if they have been drinking too much. What they’re experiencing is almost like a detox type reaction. They might feel symptoms of being sick, almost like flu, or a cold, or the extreme tiredness I mentioned, or even increased visits to the toilet as in that detoxy response.

If you do experience this kind of response, either through Kinesiology, or any kind of energy work, it doesn’t tend to last very long. It will often just be for 24 hours, or for a couple of days. and then when that shifts, usually you will feel quite a LOT better.

You will often know if that’s what’s going on.

And it can show you too, “I’ve got some work to do!” and starting to shift is bringing that out, and really making it apparent so that you keep going down a healing path and create the change you really want.

Of course intellectually we might want a quick fix, but sometimes what we’re working through is actually pretty damn hard, and we need to honour that, and give ourselves the extra support we need.

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