You don’t need to do anything specific to make your Kinesiology session work.

Even if you don’t really think about it too much afterwards, and you don’t actively work with the notes I send you, you’re still going to be shifting.

In fact, sometimes people may not have referred to the notes and it’s not until later that they look back and realise all the changes that have occurred.

I always say,

Just be curious and observe, especially if it’s your first time experiencing a Kinesiology session.

Just think, ‘well I haven’t experienced this before, I wonder what I am going to notice?’

And then, pay attention to different thoughts you might have, different feelings, how you feel as you’re navigating through your day, whether you are taking more action than usual.

Look at this specifically in relation to what you focused on, and notice what it is that is changing.

Some practical things to focus on after your Kinesiology session.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially if you don’t usually drink a lot of water, you can sometimes get quite dehydrated, and you might get a headache. That’s a real priority.

If you feel tired, make sure you do give yourself some rest. Don’t push through.

A lot of times you might find you do want to do some more reflection.

I send you through your notes after your session in a dropbox folder, and I also send through some of the resources that have come up in your session, such a a specific card or some information, and you can go back and read that afterwards.

Sometimes there might be an affirmation for you to read, so you might re-read that and keep reinforcing it.

Within your notes, there will usually be quite a long list of goals we have worked on.

You might choose to select a few of those that you really like to keep reinforcing. You might stick them next to your computer, or put them on your phone, just so you can keep reminding yourself of them.

You might print off all of them, and keep reading them each day.

If you want to go a bit deeper, you might pull out some of the things we talked about and do some more journalling on that theme, or meditate on some of the things that have come up.

It’s very rich, what comes up, and if you want to explore more, and many of my clients do, there is so much material that will really enable you to do that.

Many of my clients tell me they also like to talk through the things that came up in their session with their partner or a family member or friend.

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