What is Align + Attract?

Align + Attract is my course for natural therapists, healers, coaches and other self-employed individuals who want to create a business that is fully in alignment with who they are. It runs for 6 weeks (including a one week integration week) and is focused on helping you step into a greater level of self-leadership as you learn how to align yourself and your business.

Since I started working with clients back in 2009 I have worked with over 600 clients, and in more recent years, many of my clients have been female entrepreneurs, giving me a huge level of insight into the specific challenges we face.

My clients are at all stages of business:

  • Just completed study and want to get started seeing clients either in person and/or working via Skype
  • People who are in the process of transitioning full-time into their business working with clients and/or running online courses or programs
  • Working towards generating 6 figures annually
  • Turning over hundreds of thousands annually
  • Owning companies that are turning over a million dollars or more

At each level of business there can be similarities in the types of issues that present. However many of us find that similar kinds of things come up as they move through different levels. So a client might find that as they grow into a million dollar company, some self-doubt or anxiety that also came up for them as they were first thinking about going full time in their business might present again, ready to be cleared. There are different challenges at different levels too, of course.

I created Align + Attract to teach you how to align your energy to your business goals in a range of specific areas. If you want to attract more ideal clients, feel solid with your fees and confident as you work towards your next income milestone, this course is for you.

What am I teaching you in Align + Attract?

There are five modules released weekly, with an integration week after week three:

MODULE ONE // Align to Your Intentions

We might think we want a successful business, but in reality our words, feelings, thoughts + actions may not be aligned to our true intentions.

In this module you will learn:

: : How to align your words, feelings, thoughts + actions are not aligned to you desire for a successful business.

: : How to set a powerful intentions for this course + your business.

MODULE TWO // Attract Your Ideal Client

Perhaps you think you’ll feel happy enough to attract ANY clients, but the truth is that your ideal client will help you perform at your best. These are the clients most likely to continue to work with you – and tell others how wonderful you are. They’re also the clients you may not feel “good enough” to attract on a subconscious level.

In this module, you will learn:

: : How to identify + energetically attract your ideal client.

: : How to dissolve barriers that may keep you from attracting the clients you most want to work with.

MODULE THREE // Align Your Fees

You need to be congruent with what you’re charging in order to attract clients who are also happy to pay your fees and know they get great value. You also need to have the confidence in yourself and your abilities and the knowledge that your services are actually worth far MORE than what you charge.

In this module, you will learn:

: : Practical techniques to help you attract fees that not only match the value you provide, but that you ideal clients are happy to pay.

: : How to shift money blocks that keep you in energetic wedlock to your current fees.

We will have one week of integration after this module with no new content.

MODULE FOUR // Align Your Income Goals

Money brings up huge emotions + blocks for many entrepreneurs. So many entrepreneurs have beliefs around needing to work extremely hard to make money, or feel that certain money goals are simply out of their reach. This module focuses on helping you create the financial abundance you desire from a place of energetic ease.

In this module, you will learn:

: : What specific blocks are preventing you from creating the monthly or yearly revenue you want to create.

: : How to dissolve outdated beliefs about money that are holding you back.

: : How to release fear + overwhelm around your money

MODULE FIVE // Attract Your Right Numbers

What’s are the unseen blocks that are preventing you attracting the number of clients or course participants you want? Often we might say we want more clients or course participants – but subconsciously we’re actually blocking it. The changes we need to make in order to attract more clients are very often internal (and once that’s clear, you’ll find taking the practical, real-world actions required will be so much easier).

In this module, you’ll learn:

: : How to uncover the blocks preventing you attracting the numbers you actually want.

: : Shift these blocks so that external actions are aligned with your inner state.

: : How to dissolve the inner barriers to filling the course you’ve poured your heart + soul into.

Let me introduce you to Align + Attract in this video. I share my own journey with alignment and creating and then growing my business over the past 7 years.

Align + Attract is a guided six week group program.

Here’s what you will get in the course:

  • Weekly alignment audios focused on helping you set your overall intentions for your business, align to your ideal clients, align to your fees, align to your income goals and align to attracting your right numbers
  • Weekly videos related to each topic
  • A weekly Q&A call where I answer your questions related to each module (you submit questions in advance but can attend live)
  • A supportive Facebook community where you’ll be able to share your alignments, questions and insights throughout the course
  • Beautifully designed weekly workbooks which guide you to explore the themes of each module more deeply
  • A hard copy of my Chakra Cards! OMG! Exciting! These are the cards which you download with my DIY Kinesiology Kit. They have been re-designed and will be printed and boxed. And did I mention I’ll be posting you a hard copy?!
  • A downloadable manual for the chakra cards with question prompts for each of the blocks (I’m excited about this too – it will support you to go deeper in exploring what is coming up for you, a bit like if you were having a session with me!)
  • A mini Sacred Self Abundance oil
  • The course is all housed in a beautifully designed + developed membership site

I created this course because I believe that when we feel aligned and on purpose we can do more of the life and world-changing work we’re passionate about (rather than get stuck in fear or overwhelm) AND feel happier, calmer and more in control.

The program is $555 and each round runs for 6 weeks and there’s also a payment plan option of 4 x $145. You have ongoing access to all materials including upgrades after the live round and our Facebook group stays active – you can continue to share your alignments, challenges and wins long after the 6 weeks are over.


What can you do now?

This program is enrolling now: alignandattract.com.

Any questions? Email me!

If you're an entrepreneur and would love to learn how to align your energy and attract more clients, check out Kerry's group program: Align + Attract

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