Do you want to feel more comfortable being visible in your business?

This is something that comes up for so many of my clients and participants in Align + Attract.

Visibility in business often becomes more of a priority when you want to grow your business. Increased visibility can look like more people reading your blog, watching your videos, engaging with you on social media, finding you via a podcast or guest post or signing up to learn from you in a webinar.

It could refer to speaking, workshops or traditional media. It could involve speaking up more about issues or topics that you’re passionate about, or sharing more of your own personal stories like these or these personal stories I shared on the blog.

Visibility could include how you show up in the world, and sharing more of yourself through personal photos of your daily life, or in professional photos or videos reflecting your brand and voice. Professional photos and videos can coincide with, or create increased visibility in themselves and sometimes bring up insecurities or doubts.

Increased visibility can look like taking actions to share your message and work more widely, trusting in your own expression and speaking your own truth, without fear of judgment, worrying how others will interpret your work, or about what others may think of you.

You need to feel good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough, and value yourself and your work enough.

The number of people who are exposed to your work and message can make a big difference to your impact – and your revenue.

But even though you might like the idea of increased visibility, fears do come up. Sometimes they’ll stop you taking actions that would make you become more visible, sabotaging your success.

I’ve got some suggestions about what to do when the fears arrive. Let me talk you through it in this short video, or read the transcript below.

If you would love to be more visible in your business, even though you’re scared, the first thing I would love you to do is to define what does being more visible actually mean for you?

Does that refer to a certain number of social media followers? Is it about having a certain number of people who would be on your mailing list? Is this about being on more podcasts or on more guest blogs? Is this about being in traditional media? I’d like you to really define what being more visible actually means for you.

The second thing I would love you to do is to identify your specific fears.

When you think about being at that next level of visibility, which you have just defined, what fears come up?

Is it about being criticised? Is it about being judged? Is it leaving other people behind? Is it that you think people won’t like you anymore? Is it about what your family or your close friends who aren’t in your industry would think?

Really think about what the fears actually are.

What you might find as you start looking at some of the fears is that some of them are what my friend Denise Duffield-Thomas calls ‘rites of passage.’ So it can be the case that people are scared of things like getting a ‘hater’, getting a refund request, somebody not liking something that they have done, getting a negative comment on social media.

All of those things will happen to nearly everyone who is in business at some stage if they’re becoming more visible.

In that sense, it’s not something to fear, it’s just something to recognise. It’s a rites of passage. It will probably happen and you can just start to normalise that fear.

If you have really big fears coming up, book a session with a practitioner. Get those fears cleared.

The third thing to do is to activate the feelings that you need inside of yourself to feel comfortable at that next level of visibility.

What would you need to be feeling? Think about it now.

Would it be strong, powerful, confident, safe, secure?

Imagine what it would be like if you did have all of those feelings and consciously activate those feelings now. Imagine what it would be like if you did feel that way. Then imagine what it would be like if you felt that way and you were at that next level.

If you have that internal sense of certainty, strength, power, you’ll find that a lot of those fears melt away.

In fact, it’s more than likely that when you get to that next level of visibility that you will have grown and evolved and it’s just going to feel normal when you get there anyway.

It’s so easy to hear me talking about the idea of being more visible, but now I’d like to challenge you and ask: What is your action step?

What are you going to do to be more visible? I would like you to schedule it.

Is it to create a webinar? Is it to book an in person workshop? Is it to submit a guest post? Is it to approach some people who have podcasts in the area that you work in and suggest some topics that you could contribute or some ideas that you would love to share?

Think about the action step that you would love to take. It does not have to be big but it would be great if it could feel like a stretch.

Then if you need to, you can go back through this video and watch it again thinking about that goal.

You might also enjoy this Visibility webinar I ran.

If you love the idea of learning how to feel comfortable being more visible, showing up as more of yourself in business, that’s something I teach you in my Align and Attract group program. I even created a Visibility Activation audio for us to support increased visibility (it’s on the bonuses page) which participants LOVE.

I’m not working with 1:1 clients right now, and Align +Attract is the only way to work with me and get my feedback on your blocks and my enthusiastic support + encouragement as you work towards your goals.

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