Do you ever find yourself feeling tangled?

I think we all do, at times.

I came across Alana Helbig when she was co-hosting her first podcast: She Makes Magic. I loved her raw, unscripted style and the depth of her explorations with guests, and started having repeated visions of myself on the show talking with her. Then she and her sister announced they were finalising that podcast and moving on. Untangled, the podcast, is one of Alana’s next ventures, and equally stunning, and it is on that podcast that I’ve just been featured. What a blessing.

In Untangled, Alana goes deep into SOUL. She’s passionately exploring what it means to connect with your Soul, why we disconnect, and how to reconnect.

Alana said, “I feel like so many women are going to resonate with your story of being so much in the mind space, and struggling to connect with soul.” I certainly hope so.

You can listen in right here:

Early in the call, I explain my experience of growing up as a really sensitive child.

I think this is something that many of us can relate to.


Later, we explore a dark night of the Soul time in my life, and the many gifts and lessons that came from that time.

I also talk about how we can fixate or obsess about certain goals and outcomes, and how detrimental that can be to our happiness. There are so many different ways we can be happy.


I share:

  • How being stuck in my head and blocked off from my heart kept me disconnected from my truth.
  • How kinesiology helped me to uncover the roots of my pain and enabled the clearing of long term depression.
  • The burnout I experienced in my business and how this became the catalyst for a life overhaul.
  • Why it is so important to tune into our bodies, rather than just using the mind to push through.
  • What my experience has taught me about letting go of life’s outcome and just enjoying the ride.
  • Why our soul’s purpose is not something we ‘do’ but rather something that we ‘are’.
  • We do a collective alignment at the end of the call: “I am 100% aligned to my Soul.” You have the chance to align right alongside us.

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Love to hear your thoughts, share away in the comments. Here’s the link again; press play:


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