The Eventual Millionaire

The Eventual Millionaire is a website and podcast by Jaime Tardy focused on the strategies, case studies and stories of self-made millionaires for people who’d like to become a millionaire – eventually. What exactly does she term an eventual millionaire?

An Eventual Millionaire is a person who knows they will be a millionaire, eventually. But they are dedicated to becoming a millionaire on their own terms. They want an enjoyable business and an enjoyable life.

I think it’s okay to love money. I love my washing machine too. It’s okay to love a tool that makes your life easier. What is not okay is putting it above other priorities, like family, health and work you love.

Recently the lovely Leonie Dawson, creator of the Shining Academy, was interviewed on the Eventual Millionaire podcast (very awesome news for Leonie – it’s a big deal, and you have to provide evidence you are in fact, a millionaire, to be on the show).

I read the whole transcript and towards the end Jaime asks:

What’s one action listeners can take this week to help move them forward toward their goal of $1 million?

“Stay on track. Go get yourself a woo-woo person to work with to clear your crap. You need to clear it. That’s how you become that person who is confident, powerful, knowledgeable, a millionaire that can make a huge amount of difference, but going in here first and working out all of the fears that you’ve got and the resistances and the crazy tapes and childhood stuff that needs to be listened to and recognized and released, so you can just be free and clear to be you.”

When Leonie was asked who she recommends, she said:

“You need to work with people as well who don’t have their own money crap. Especially as a millionaire, I think so many of my millionaire sisters have gone to a healer to heal a block. “I want to hit this amount.”  The healer will turn around and say, “Are you greedy or something? Why do you need that?” “No, don’t project your stuff on me.”

So, my go-to people are Hira Boga at and the kinesiologist that I love and recommend is You guys are all gonna call and book her out now. I am okay with that because she is worth it. That’s Kerry Rowett, and she’s just incredible. Those are the two people. I’ve tried hundreds and those are the two that I return to.

Just go book them in. I am not one of those people that cannot tell people about things that will really help them. If it means that Kerry becomes a little booked out or has to raise her prices to cope with the demand, I’m okay with that. That’s the natural order of things. She is that amazing and those kind of earth angels need to be helping as many people as possible.”

SO kind. Things have been rather busy around these parts since Leonie gave such a lovely shout out!

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