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  • Do you over-function? Stop!

    If I could summarise a message many of my clients end up learning at some point in their journey in two words it would be this: Don’t Over-Function. Is this a message for you too? Do you over-function? This can be the “dark side” of being a high achiever, and defaulting to working too hard. Faced […]

  • What are your early signs of impending burn out?

    What are some of your early signs of pushing too hard? It’s easy to get out of balance during busier times. Launches, big deadlines, unexpected challenges, illness or increased demands from family and a whole range of other things can sometimes lead you to push yourself too hard and over time, can even lead to […]

  • Accept your emotions, commit to your values, take action

    Learning to deal with challenging emotions is definitely a process Most of the time, my Kinesiology clients come to see me because the process has broken down somewhere. They feel stuck, anxious, stressed or unhappy and disconnected from who they really are and their true path. In Kinesiology sessions, we work on identifying and addressing […]

  • Do you numb yourself?

    How do you numb yourself? Everyone feels painful and uncomfortable emotions. It doesn’t matter how “perfect” you try to be. It doesn’t matter how much personal development you do. It’s just a part of being human. Sometimes, we see our painful emotions as a failing We just don’t want to feel them. So we numb. How […]

  • The thing about perfection

    Let’s start at the beginning. The thing about perfection is that it’s not possible, right? That is either going to seem like the most obvious statement in the world, ever. Or it’s going to seem like a call to action. For some of my clients it’s a call to action. They strive to “fix” things in […]

  • How to give yourself adrenal fatigue

    Who would really want to give themselves adrenal fatigue? Presumably, noone. However, you’d never know that by the way that some of us sometimes behave. In my Kinesiology practice I work with many high achievers and perfectionists and I get to see the many ways in which we might contribute to the symptoms of adrenal fatigue that […]

  • Nourish yourself with restorative yoga

    How do you nourish yourself? * My Heal My Adrenal Fatigue e-course is enrolling again now: healmyadrenalfatigue.com. I remember last year a friend was creating a set of “nourish yourself” cards with lots of ideas on how to nourish yourself. She had nearly finished and said she needed just one more, could I think of […]