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  • The Evolution of Align + Attract

    The story of Align + Attract, right from the channeling of the alignment process back in 2011, to the creation of the Evergreen version today. I don’t know about you, but I just love stories that take you behind the scenes. It’s so easy to see a shiny, successful-seeming business, course, or website and feel […]

  • How to connect to your guides (Video)

    How can you connect to your guides, or your own guidance? When I talk about connecting to your guides, you might prefer to think about connecting to your wisdom, connecting to your intuition, connecting to source, connecting to your soul’s wisdom. It doesn’t matter what it is that you feel most comfortable connecting with. What […]

  • Alignment, challenge and magic

    Being in alignment doesn’t always mean that everything in your life is going smoothly. Sometimes it simply means that you are actively working on your own stuff as best you can in the face of challenge. Back a few years ago, quite a lot of things in my personal life seemed very challenging. My partner […]

  • Aligning your inner purpose with your outer purpose

    Finding and living in alignment with your inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose. It is the basis for true success – Eckhart Tolle. Do you know what your inner purpose is? It’s a deep question but one that can be so valuable to explore. As participants in my alignandattract.com group program explore […]

  • Who is Align + Attract for?

    When you’re an entrepreneur, falling out of alignment is completely natural. It happens all the time when you work for yourself – so many things can cause it. A client cancelling. Unsubscribes. Comparisionitis. A confidence crisis. Funny communication stuff. Money fears. A disappointing launch. These things can be little, but when you’re already doubting yourself or […]

  • What is Align + Attract?

    What is Align + Attract? Align + Attract is my course for natural therapists, healers, coaches and other self-employed individuals who want to create a business that is fully in alignment with who they are. It runs for 6 weeks (including a one week integration week) and is focused on helping you step into a […]

  • How getting the right support helps with alignment

    If you’re in business, there are likely to be some things you struggle with. It’s incredibly common to experience challenges in business – at ALL stages, not just in the beginning. The challenges just change as your business grows. In some ways it becomes even MORE important to get the right support in place so you […]

  • Alignment isn’t something you say. It’s something you do.

    If you want an aligned business, you need to be in alignment yourself. You can’t just say it. You need to do it. You can’t just talk about alignment. You can’t tell your clients one thing but do another yourself. You can’t wish others would be more committed, but not be committed to you. You […]

  • What cues are you receiving from the Universe?

    What does going with the flow mean to you? Being in the flow is a wonderful state. When we’re in the flow, opportunities seem to just come our way. Our efforts are rewarded. There is a sense of purpose and momentum. We feel connected to the Universe. It’s a state of alignment. For me, going […]

  • How can you get into alignment fast and stay there forever?

    We’d all love to find a way to magically come into alignment and easily all of our goals and desires. We want to be able to tell the Universe/God/life everything we want. We want to get into alignment with all our goals, fast. And we want to stay there, without too much effort on our […]