Getting your subconscious on board

As Cathy mentioned in the video I shared about Re-programming your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind typically blocks you achieving goals because it wants to keep you safe. Have you ever had the feeling that you would kind of rather things stay as they are because at least you know what you’re dealing with, and besides, things could get worse?

Subconsciously, you’re trying to keep yourself safe.

Safety is vital.

It sounds kind of obvious, but if you don’t feel safe, it’s going to be very difficult to create change. It’s a survival need.

But you might be wondering – what does it mean not to feel safe? It might be that compared to others in the world you are VERY safe, you don’t feel physically at risk, and if you do have a job and can pay your bills and meet your commitments, you’re probably financially safe and if you have some support from friends and family you’re likely to be socially safe too.

It probably isn’t that you feel fundamentally unsafe, but more so, that the idea of achieving your goal subconsciously brings up some fears.

So why mightn’t you feel safe?

There could be a conflict

Sometimes, when my clients are working on a goal, such as:

  • losing weight
  • learning to put themselves first
  • expressing how they feel
  • meeting a new partner
  • allowing themselves to just be who they are
  • creating positive changes

it will come up that there’s a conflict blocking them from achieving their goal. Often it doesn’t feel safe or possible to have both things they want.

So, what is going on?

It might be that they subconsciously believe they can have one thing or another, but not both.

Examples might be:

  • I can lose weight OR feel safe/secure/protected
  • I can put myself first OR be liked by others (tribal fear)
  • I can express how I feel OR feel safe/liked
  • I can meet a new partner OR stay true to myself
  • I can be myself OR part of the tribe (accepted by others)
  • I can create positive changes in my life OR feel stable

If the choice is between feeling safe, secure, stable or many of the other things I’ve listed – we’ll nearly always subconsciously choose safety. If you’re familiar with the chakras, you’ll recognise many of these needs relate to the base chakra, which is all about our essential needs, including a sense of belonging.

How can you get your subconscious on line?

In Kinesiology sessions, we simply align you to feeling that both the things you want are possible, eg: “I can lose weight AND feel protected”. It’s as simple as including that goal along with the many others we work on in your session.

In the process that Cathy shared in the video, she talked about collecting positive examples that show that what you want are possible.

So, if your goal was to meet a partner AND stay true to yourself, you might seek out examples of friends and family who have done this. It serves to reassure you on a conscious AND subconscious level.

As you start doing this, you might discover that you’d actually managed to collect lots of examples that supported your negative belief. It might seem that your belief is TRUE! All the more important it will be to now work on collecting examples that support the positive, so this can become your new truth.

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