It’s a week after I received the three blessings for a baby. I am on a yoga retreat with my lovely Mum and sister. It is time for some guide messages to arrive.

There’s a lot of baby energy around me but I feel cautious. I’ve already been getting messages about a baby in my own Reiki healings but I’m not 100% sure I can trust my guide messages on this topic.

I give my guides clear instructions:

“I only want clear guidance around this. I don’t want any, “Oh when we meant soon, we meant three years, maybe five. Ho ho ho you funny humans and your earth time.”


If it wasn’t happening, fine. But if it was, and I’d be continuing to get clues, I only wanted clear messages.

Clear messages were just what I received. The first visualisation I saw showed me there was still the energy of one baby in my womb.

This led on from the third baby blessing I’d received the previous week. I knew this wasn’t my child, the one that was now around me. It was the energy of the child I had felt when I was with the ex. Realising this wasn’t the baby who was coming to me at this time, I proceeded to thank him and send him on his way, off to another family, like I had with all the other babies.

But I saw this wasn’t what was happening.

He was returning to Spirit. I felt bad, right away, like I had prevented him incarnating at this time. It was my fault.

And then I saw he was re-joining MY Spirit Guides. He was actually ONE of my Spirit Guides. They were celebrating his difficult but successful mission.

I was confused. What was happening here?

It started to come together. I realised he had acted almost like a “King’s Guard” of my womb. Yes his energy had been there. But he was never going to travel earth-side, or at least not once an early window of relative normalcy closed when he had previously been around me.

This baby was actually protecting my womb. He had protected me from falling pregnant at that previous time.

It was not in my highest good to do so, but my own will, my ability to MANIFEST, might have overridden that without his help.

I remembered I had many times thought I might be pregnant for a few days or a week and then felt a kind of angry energy in my womb, and then knew I wasn’t.

I felt a deep sense of healing as the confusion I had felt around my fertility and trust in my own intuition at this previous time evaporated.

I understand. And I know I can trust again. 

I had a further visualisation at the retreat that told me the date I would conceive.

I realise it will be one year to the day that I had first connected with my partner. On Tinder. Because: modern romance, hehe.

The massage therapist at the retreat tells me my hormones are already changing, she can tell by my body; she’s seen this before. I see her before I have all my visions but she’s picking up the vibe. I’ve already agreed I think it’s imminent.

“Next time you have a massage, tell them …” she says, and goes on to tell me a few things you shouldn’t do when pregnant.

At the end of this retreat my Mum, sister and I have a photo taken on my phone; the shot I shared with you here. Light streams through us all.

I return home and tell my partner about all the guide messages I received. I’m not sure how common it is to know when you’re going to conceive (outside of assistant conception) but I roll with it.

I do what anyone would do, under the circumstances. I buy good French Champagne, soft cheese, oysters, cured meats; all the things I may not be able to consume for very much longer. We dine out more than usual, visit the wine bar next door more often than usual.

It’s June. The group Reiki healing I’ve done for that month talks about not only a womb clearing, but getting into the energy of celebration. Celebrating everything. We’re certainly in celebration mode.

A short time after the date I was given has passed, I’m about to go to sleep. I ask my Guides for a clear message about what’s going on.

That night I dream of a number of medical looking people looking me over in a Hospital-like setting. They are looking at the genetic material of the newly conceived baby (right now, some dividing cells).

I see them pull out four female ancestors from my lineage, including a third cousin who has three healthy children.

“All good.

The genetics are the same as these four.”

With that, the dream is over.

A week later, I am ready for further confirmation. Again I ask for a sign.

That night, three different people come up to me in my dream and say,

“Yes, you are pregnant.”

No need to interpret that one!

I get no further signs. I now just have to wait.

I continue to support my energy throughout this time. I instinctively put myself in high vibration environments; a women’s workshop with Lisa Page of Soul Satisfaction, a Sound Bath with Ahilya of Blissful Bodies, a Liquid Crystal workshop.

We do the test on the full moon.

The exact date my forecast says could “bring news about a pregnancy.”

Because of course.

We are of course thrilled with the news. Honestly, we are both also relieved for the confirmation of all the many messages I have received, ha!

Finally, after reading this post, my photographer sent through this pic taken at our recent shoot.

Baby Magic

Hello baby!


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