How do you respond when things appear to go wrong?

Sometimes, when things go wrong, it can be easy to personalise it, or add drama and think things like:

  • This is MY fault
  • I think it might be to do with what’s going on in the world right now
  • It’s probably the moon/planets/astrology related
  • The hard work I’m doing to change things just isn’t working!
  • Clearly I’m on the wrong path
  • I must have manifested this!

Any one of these things might be true, but sometimes we’re jumping to conclusions. We might be creating undue drama.

It might be that we actually just need to:

  • Take some time out
  • Go do some exercise
  • Get some more sleep
  • Do some yoga or meditation
  • Give it time
  • Think about it again when you’re feeling more positive

If something of a challenging nature does occur, give yourself the chance to get grounded and clear, and then once you feel calm, you might check if there’s something to learn.

I was listening to Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Manifesting Course recently (here’s the free intro video). Denise talks a lot about how we manifest based on what we’re feeling, but of course that doesn’t mean you need to get paranoid and think you’ll manifest something bad just because you have a negative thought or feeling.

Denise gave three great suggestions of things to ask yourself before you add any drama to something that just happened:

  • Is this a maintenance issue? Example – you got a late fee, maybe you just need to automate payments. Or your car breaks down, but you did know it needed servicing which may have prevented it. Or maybe you got an “unexpected” bill, but really, it’s an annual expense or a tax instalment that you need to plan for.
  • Is this a message from the Universe? Example – you got a speeding fine, literally a message to slow down, or pay attention. Or something in your business isn’t working – the message might be that it’s not the right path to head down at this point, rather than it being a reflection of your ability or worth. Or you’re repeating the same pattern, perhaps the message is to learn your part in it so you can break it (Kinesiology can help with this).
  • Is this a chance to upgrade? Example – something old breaks, or constantly annoys you and it’s just time to upgrade. Or you feel like a friend is constantly putting you down, and rather than feel bad about it and continuing on the same path, you could upgrade your boundaries and communication, and actively work to cultivate more positive friendships.

Matter of fact, detached and practical.

I think we’ve all had times in our life we’re we’ve felt really negative and let it spiral and then noticed we seem to be attracting more negative experiences. We might feel like things are happening TO us, but we’re contributing to the drama we’re experiencing by the way we’re interpreting it and reacting to it.

Instead we might allow ourselves to deal with what’s happening, feel what we’re feeling, learn any lessons, and then move on. If we skip the part where we check if there’s a lesson and try to jump straight to moving on, we might find ourselves repeating a cycle that could have been prevented, and create another opportunity for a message from the Universe.

And if you really are going through a super-hard time with ongoing challenges, detaching from any associated drama is still likely to help.

You can of course align to what you desire too.

I teach you how to use my Alignment Process to align to your goals in my DIY Kinesiology Kit. My process helps you identify specifically what’s blocking you, release fear or resistance and shift your energy so you feel more aligned with what you desire. We go deeper with this process in my group program, Align + Attract, which opens its doors again soon.

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