How can you market or promote your business when you hate the idea of selling yourself?

A lot of my clients and participants in my Align + Attract group program have told me they hate the idea of selling themselves over the years, and feel this holds them back in marketing their business.

Here’s the thing. If you’re associating marketing with “selling yourself”, it’s pretty likely you’re going to find it challenging and unpleasant, and even something you want to avoid, especially if your real desire is to help others.

I’d love to help you to shift your mindset around the idea of selling yourself, if it’s something that you have struggled with.

The first thing to do when you’re stuck on the idea of selling yourself, is to shift your energy back to your clients.

Instead of focusing about selling yourself, focus on your clients or your customers. What do they want and need? What kinds of questions do they ask you? Why are they booking in with you in the first place? What kinds of problems might they be having? What kinds of issues do they talk about? What are they really interested in learning more about? What are they seeking?

I recommend you get out a piece of paper and you write a big brainstorm of questions you’ve been asked, and things that you’ve heard people talk about, and ideas that you’ve got for what it is that your audience are interested in when they’re working with you.

The second thing to do, is to think about how can I be helpful and useful in relation to these topics, issues, problems and questions that my clients and potential clients have.

Think about these in terms of the kinds of content that you would create. What’s useful? Maybe a how to about something. You might teach a specific tool or process that you use with your clients. You might breakdown a specific technique.

Think about what it is that you can share. It can be information, or it can be something practical.

The third thing to do, is to think about the specific content that you might create that is going to provide that help, assistance, or information, that your ideal clients are going to find really helpful.

Is it in the form of blog post? Is it a video? Are you going to create a webinar? Is this a Facebook or an Instagram post? You might go through your list of potential topics and you see that some they’re more detailed. That’s going to lend itself to a webinar.

Something else might be very simple. Maybe you just try that initially as a Facebook post and see what the response is, and then develop that idea further in a blog post or video.

The fourth thing to do is to provide a next step.

This might be an invitation or an offer. What would it be? It might be if you liked this, sign up for my newsletter. You might actually promote that free opt in you have with your newsletter, if that’s relevant to the content you just created. You might go ahead and say if you like more help with this, you can book in for a session. You might talk about how you work on these more deeply in a session and provide the link to book. You might invite them for a free introductory session, if that’s something that you do.

Think about what is the next step if someone would like to learn more from you, or work with you more deeply.

Can you see how that has totally shifted the energy away from me promoting me, to me focusing on my clients and my audience, and what it is that they want or need.

I’m then sharing that information. It doesn’t need to feel like you’re selling yourself. It’s so much more comfortable and inspiring to share information that you know other people are going to really enjoy and get value from than it is to feel like you’re promoting yourself.

Want to go further?

If you love the idea of learning how to see marketing in a different way, and learning how to really get clear on your own goals, and to clear your own blocks that are preventing you from moving forward in your business, then I would love to invite you to take a look at my group program, We’re enrolling now!


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