Do you ever find yourself sabotaging yourself? Let me help you get back into alignment

I created a webinar for you all about sabotage – what it can like like and when you’re likely to see it show up.

I also teach you some energy tools to help get yourself back into alignment if you do find yourself sabotaging yourself in some way.

There are so many ways we can sabotage ourselves. Do you recognise any of these?

  • Thoughts – “I’m not good enough,” “No one is interested in hearing from me,” “I might fail,” “I never fit in,” “This probably won’t work”
  • Words – “This is too hard,” “I’m just … sorry but …. I’m no expert … you probably won’t be interested” (there is some interesting research about the words women use to undermine themselves, I’ll share more in the webinar!)
  • Feelings – spiralling into a negative emotional funk (sometimes personal disasters and tragedies happen and that’s different – I’m talking about becoming emotionally overwhelmed as a pattern that might stop you from taking positive actions)
  • Actions – procrastinating, wasting time on social media, too much time focused on what “everyone else” is doing, prioritising busy work, not taking the actions that “put yourself out there”

Of all of these, with my Kinesiology clients the most common thing I see is how our sabotaging thoughts, words and feelings can cause us to stop taking impactful actions and this of course can lead to a lack of results.

When you’re in alignment you feel clearer, calmer and can take more impactful actions. I’ll help you to feel more aligned in this free anti sabotage webinar. You can listen in here:

I designed the webinar to be a resource you can come back to time and time again when you feel stuck.

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