What if you could release your fear and step into your power?

When you’re in your power, you feel strong, confident, capable and resilient. You back yourself and know you can handle whatever is coming your way. Whereas when you’re stuck in fear, you can feel weak, panicky, helpless and like you can’t do what you want and need to do. Fear comes up for my Kinesiology clients a lot.

We might have fears around:

  • Money stuff
  • Change
  • The future
  • Unknowns
  • Things we can’t control
  • People or situations
  • Making mistakes (this used to come up in my own Kinesiology sessions for what felt like yeeaarrrsss! Finally I got over it! Haha. Some blocks take longer to shift than others!)
  • Decision-making
  • Business or career stuff
  • Missing out
  • Not being good enough
  • Insert your fear

In a Kinesiology session we help you defuse your fears and come back to your own centre and sense of power – and that’s what I help you do in this webinar.

When you’re in your power, allow yourself to see clearly, trust yourself to navigate and feel resourceful and confident – fear is much less of an issue.

It’s not that you ignore or suppress it, you just trust yourself to deal with things that happen in your life and in your own ability to move forwards – and can therefore take action, or just let it go, depending on your specific fears.

The webinar goes for around 40 mins and I’ll help you get clear on your specific fears AND we’ll defuse them AND I’ll help you connect back to yourself and your own power.

You don’t have to be feeling big fears to have a sense you’re holding yourself back in some way. Commit some time to you and listen in as I guide you to step back into your power.


Webinar on YouTube.

Right at the end of the webinar I talked a little about my group program for entrepreneurs, Align + Attract.

In Align + Attract I help you align to your business goals – your big picture, attracting your ideal clients, aligning to your fees and income goals and attracting your right numbers. This program is powerful – participants get huge shifts and you can read some of the amazing testimonials on the site.

You can also watch this video, where I introduce what Align + Attract is, and why I created this group program.

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