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Reiki Project with Kerry

Would you like to kickstart your 2018 with a big boost of inspiration and energy?

Starting Feb 1st, I will be hosting a series of three live group Reiki healings across three weeks focused on specific themes:

  • Abundance
  • Purpose
  • Personal Power

You're invited to join me!

You'll be there with me on a Facebook Live in our private group (or watching the recording) as I conduct the healing for us all and share the messages and insights I'm receiving in real time. 

You will be an active participant in each healing, notebook in hand jotting notes as we move through each Chakra, holding areas of your body as I channel the Reiki, doing the visualisations and activities that pop up, noticing any sensations in your body. Each session will run for 45-60 mins. I'll be guided by what comes up but I know your time is precious so I'll aim to keep each to a max of 60 mins.

After the three Reiki healings are complete, you'll be able to return to the recordings throughout the year whenever you need a boost of abundance, purpose or personal power.

How will it work?

The sessions will take place as Facebook Live videos within a private Facebook group set up for this project.

You can attend live if it’s convenient (10am Adelaide time on Thursday 1st, 8th and 15th Feb – view the timezone converter to find out the time where you are) or listen later.

Watching afterwards will be equally powerful but I’m giving you the option to come live if it suits you.

You will probably want to return to the recordings as the year goes on and you’ll receive new insights and an energy boost each time.

Why am I running the Reiki Project?

This project was completely inspired. The idea dropped in after a Kinesiology session I facilitated late in 2017. 

I straight away received the three themes and even the pricing – $133. SUCH a specific number and unusual price that I couldn’t help but look it up. I mean, I don’t advocate pricing according to angel numbers as business advice, hehe, but the meaning I found for 133 was pretty awesome in relation to this project – check it out. 

In my head I started calling it the Reiki Project and when it came to naming it I realised … Oh! Maybe that’s the actual name, haha.  

Unlike Align + Attract, which is my business alignment program, the Reiki Project is perfect for you whether you have a business or not, and whether we’ve done dozens of sessions together or none. I’m thrilled to offer something that anyone who enjoys my work can join.

The Reiki Project is also really affordable – only AUD$133 for the 3 Reiki healings.

What will each healing focus on?

I will be connecting into the energy of each participant and the healings will occur live and be responsive to our group. Here is the overview for each to give you a guide for each of the three healings:

+ Abundance - This can refer to *money* but it's really a feeling. You can feel an abundance or a lack of money, love, opportunities, support, joy however much or little you have of each depending on how relaxed, open, receptive or blocked, anxious, pressured etc you're feeling. In the healing we'll be opening up our energy to allow us to FEEL and RECEIVE more abundance. You can revisit the healing throughout the year to help keep expanding your capacity to hold and allow MORE of life's richness and fullness in all its forms. Ah, feels so good even thinking about it.

+ Purpose - often we can link "purpose" to our business/work, family or some other external thing. In this Reiki healing we'll be opening up our energy to connect even more deeply to our higher purpose ... and allow that to flow out into our world and into work, family and everything we do. Why are we really here? This healing will help us clear away the clutter and noise and connect to our own knowing and sense of purpose. This one is going to continue to ripple throughout the year and will lead to BIG (and positive) changes for many of us, I'm being told (so personally excited right now, haha).

+ Personal Power - any time you feel stuck, lost, confused, powerless, helpless or victimised by life, you've lost connection with your own sense of personal power. Equally when you find yourself telling stories about why things might work for others but not you, or why you'd like to do x but you can't because y (if you were fully in your power you'd either make it happen, or feel empowered by saying no to that thing at that time). And of course you don't need to be in a negative space to benefit from feeling more anchored in your sense of SELF and your own truth and to increase your ability to feel more powerful, relaxed and resourceful in each moment. I think this healing will be our wild card. Like they'll all be awesome but after the personal power healing it feels like we'll be like: UMMM I HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH I NEEDED THIS ONE.

Who is this for?

The Reiki Project is for you if you like the idea of receiving a Reiki healing on the themes of abundance, purpose and personal power (and LOVE the idea of being able to participate in your own healing).

It’s for you if you’re reading about the Reiki Project and thinking: this sounds FUN (Yes! It will be).

It’s for you if you enjoy my monthly Reiki healings and want MORE.

It’s for you if you love fresh energy, creative ideas, spontaneity, intuitive hunches and feeling inspired.

The beauty of trusting your intuition.

The first time I got such a clear and inspired idea for a project or course was back in 2011 when I taught the initial round of my business alignment program which attracted 30+ participants in its first round and has since evolved into

Anyway, when inspiration hits like this I listen. Experience tells me it leads to AMAZING things! I’m pretty excited to see what flows for all of us from the Reiki project. If your intuition is giving you a YES, join us!


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