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Kinesiology sessions via Skype with Kerry.

Whether you’re feeling blocked, stuck, confused, anxious or just want to achieve your goals more easily, Kinesiology sessions via Skype can help.

Since 2009 I have worked with many hundreds of clients in thousands of sessions to help remove blocks, reduce stress and anxiety, create clarity and help my clients gain the confidence and inner strength to move forwards with their goals.

You will leave your session feeling clearer and calmer, with more awareness about your specific patterns and blocks and what you need to move forwards with greater ease. My clients love receiving their typed notes after their session so they can continue to reflect and process. We cover a lot of ground in each and every session.

You can currently only book to work with me in single sessions. Sign up to my mailing list to find out when package options again become available.

After seeing Kerry twice I felt more than a significant shift in my physical and emotional wellbeing.

I saw Kerry immediately prior to delivering a very significant public presentation and after our session I felt calm, grounded and with a greater feeling of intent that I knew that things would go well.

You simply cannot buy that level of self-confidence and inner-ease – usually – but I think in committing to a session with Kerry you may just be able to!

Julie Parker,

How does Align My Life / Align my Business work?

Align My Life / Align my Business includes 6 Skype sessions over 3 months. The first session is 90 mins. The following 5 sessions are 60 mins. Your first session will usually take place within a month of your first payment. You will choose whether your series has a “life” or “business” focus, but each session will incorporate many areas of your life.

Detailed notes and relevant resources from each session uploaded to your own dropbox folder so you can review what we’ve focused on in each session.

I’ll spend time with your completed Align My Business or Align My Life Intake Form prior to your first session exploring where you are at currently + what you wish to clear. You’ll declare exactly where you want to be in 3 months time. Because intention is everything.

Distance Reiki healing session + intuitive notes from me emailed to you. I ONLY do these healings for my package clients as they are time consuming, but according to my package clients? These healings are incredibly insightful and powerful and a hugely valued part of our work together. You’ll get your notes before your first session so you can see what I’ve been able to tap into before we even begin. Never had a distance Reiki session? You’re in for a treat!

Your Liquid Crystal Life Purpose Trilogy will be made up just for you and posted out early in your series to help support your journey. This includes the 3 Liquid Crystal Essences (taken as drops) related to your purpose, higher purpose + shadow (your challenge in this lifetime). I will help guide you through how to take them

You’ll also receive…

  • A gorgeous “Abundance” Sacred Self alchemical oil to support you {value $49 + postage}
  • 1 guided meditation by Reiki Master Sara Brooke.
  • My digital DIY Kinesiology Kit {value $79} so you can align to your goals between our sessions.

I am not currently taking new bookings for packages. Be sure to sign up to my mailing list to find out when I open up package bookings again.

It’s not easy to explain exactly what kinesiology is or how it works is but every time I see Kerry, there is a shift in the way I see the world.

Kerry is insightful and intuitive and adept at getting to the real issue – often something that is outside my conscious thought.

Kerry is a leader in her field.

Kate James,

Let me tell you about my Align my Life / Align my Business package:

Working with Kerry has been a huge gift to my business and my life.

Sometimes you make a choice but don’t realise that your energy is directed elsewhere. What Kerry has helped me to do is align my energy with my choices and my purpose.

Dani Angel,

Only one word comes to mind when I think about working with Kerry, magical.

And the effects of her work are long reaching. I feel lighter, more focussed and more in sync even months after a session. Whenever I look back at something that once bugged me and I worked through it with Kerry, I’m often left wondering why it ever bugged me at all. It’s like it was never a concern. She is a master at her craft and I truly can not recommend her enough. Love her.

Diana Martinez,

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How does Kinesiology via Skype work?

Does Kinesiology via Skype Work?

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