Do you have money blocks?

Leonie Dawson wrote a great post about 3 things to do to clear your money blocks and one of the things she recommends is Kinesiology. I noticed that the word Kinesiology was linked and, curious about what it linked to, I clicked. It links to MY website! It’s true that Kinesiology is AMAZING at helping clear money blocks and I want to share why.

For a range of reasons, many women do seem to have blocks around money. A wide range of beliefs can be connected to this.

Here are just a few I’ve heard from clients:

  • I’m creative (or spiritual), I don’t care about money
  • I hate money
  • You have to choose between having money and doing what you love
  • I’m just not good with money
  • I ignore my money issues and hope they’ll go away
  • It’s someone else’s job to take care of/worry about money
  • People who have money, or think about money are x
  • I don’t feel in control of my money
  • I can’t stand looking at or thinking about money
  • I don’t have money because I am y

Do you have any? Personally, I’ve done HEAPS of work to clear unhelpful money stuff over the past few years. To me, it’s a part of feeling and being empowered, but what that looks like will vary for each of us.

Money is not JUST “money”, it can also show us how we feel about self-care, worthiness, balanced giving and receiving, trust, security, power, taking responsibility, control. Money is actually neutral, it’s all the stories we attach that have the emotion.

Here’s 5 ways Kinesiology can help with money blocks

  1. You can align to specific money goals. If you’re an entrepreneur, this might include aligning to your fees (brilliant if you feel funny about charging, or you’re about to put your prices up) or earning a particular sum of money in a week/month/year. Whether in business for yourself or employed, you can also align to specific savings goals and increase your energetic comfort about having a certain amount of money in the bank. If, despite your efforts, you are always in a certain level of debt, or only ever have a maximum of a relatively small sum in the bank, it’s likely that’s your energetic comfort level and we can increase it.
  2. Release old money stories. Did your parents argue and fight about money? Did your parents have a lot of money and lose it, or did a parent lose a job or have a failed business? Did you get into huge credit card debt as soon as you had access to credit cards? Do you hold onto guilt for the way you’ve misused your money in the past? Kinesiology can help you release the stress around such stories so you can make good money decisions right here in the present, rather than reacting to your past.
  3. Let go of negative emotions about money. If you have money blocks, you’ll often have some negative emotions related to money, such as shame, fear, grief, guilt or anger. We can identify and clear these so you can have neutral, or positive feelings about your money moving forwards.
  4. Let go of past life vows around money. Sometimes we find blocks that may be related to past lives. This often comes up for healers or artists who have major blocks around money, or if you feel really powerless or uneasy around the topic of money. We can find out the vows you’re still resonating to from that lifetime and help you release them.
  5. Align to positive and powerful money beliefs. What if you could CHOOSE how you feel about money? With Kinesiology, you can! In a Kinesiology session, I can help you get clear on how you want to feel about money and align your energy to those goals. New money beliefs might be, “I am powerful around my money,” “I care for my money,” “I easily save money,” “I easily release my debts,” “It’s safe for me to learn how to manage my money,” “I can be responsible with my money,” “I can use my money in powerful and positive ways.” We can also link up beliefs that you currently feel to be conflicting, such as “I can make a lot of money doing what I love,” “I can be a good person AND make a lot of money.” It’s entirely up to you how you want to feel about your money, so why not choose beliefs that support and empower you.

And if you like, you can work on clearing your specific money blocks in a Kinesiology session with me.

I also recommend Denise Duffield-Thomas’ work for money blocks.

I’ve been following Denise since 2012; we met via Marie Forleo’s B-School. I did a coaching session with her that year (her last year of 1:1 sessions) and joined her excellent Money Bootcamp.

Check out her free audios:

Read about Denise’s Money Bootcamp here.

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