There’s no doubt about it, launches can be stressful.

If you have ever launched anything, whether it be a business, a website, a course, a program, or a new service, you will already know that quite often, issues can come up through the launch process.

No matter how well you plan, how brilliant your idea, or how positive you feel – it’s very common to hit challenges when you launch something new into the world.

For some people, it might be self-worth. For some people, it’s overwhelm. You might go into fear, or doubt. There are quite often technology issues. You might find you start sabotaging your success (watch my free webinar: “Stop Sabotaging Yourself” for help with that.)

You may have tried Kinesiology, but did you know how helpful and powerful Kinesiology sessions can be when you are working towards a launch, and save your sanity mid-launch?

Watch this 3 minute video to hear me talk about how Kinesiology can help you with your launch.

During a launch, you can easily find yourself feeling stuck.

When this happens, things take so much longer, you don’t get the word out, you don’t take the actions you need to take because of what’s going on for you mentally and emotionally. A Kinesiologist is great to work with in those kinds of situations.

When you work with a Kinesiologist on your launch, it can really help you to stay focused and clear, and to stay connected as to why you’re doing it in the first place, and to keep your focus on your clients, on the people you’re actually wanting to serve, rather than on your own stuff.

It can be great to work with a Kinesiologist before your launch even starts.

This helps you make sure you’re in the best mental space possible, and that you’re positive, you’re clear, you’ve got your plan in place and know what you’re going to do.

It’s also great to plan ahead to have a Kinesiology session or two during your launch.

Often I see that clients will go into overwhelm. Their fears will come up. Quite often we’ve invested a lot of money in a launch and we want it to go really well. Occasionally there might be poor sales early on, or things haven’t gone as you’d like and people just retreat and they will stop communicating. They will stop taking action. They can end up sabotaging their own success.

I have seen this many times with my Kinesiology clients who book in to see me during a launch.

They have gone into that space of overwhelm or fear, but when they have a session, they have gone off and they have written the heart-felt email that has then led to a whole bunch of sales. Or they have continued to take action. Or they have done some self-care and really prioritised that, such as doing some exercise, or just getting outside or going for a swim which has then given them the space and the clarity to help put it all into perspective. Ultimately, we want to enjoy that whole launching process as much as we possibly can.

It can be really beneficial as well to know you’ve got the support of a Kinesiologist who has been through it, and who has worked with lots and lots of people who are going through that same process of launching.

You feel like there is someone on your team. You’ve got someone who really understands, but not only do they really understand, they can help you to get out of your own way, so you can succeed, and help the people you want to help.

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