In Kinesiology, one of the main things we do is work with energy.

I came across these 7 principles of human energy processes in “New Chakra Healing” by Cyndi Dale and loved the way they can so easily be applied to Kinesiology.

I read the principles (in my words here) and thought … Ohhhh, this is what I do.

The Seven Principles of Human Energy Process

1 – The human energy system is designed for two activities – healing and manifesting

  • Healing whatever is preventing us from manifesting our heart’s desire
  • Seeking to manifest what we need to heal any damage to ourselves

This is exactly what we focus on in a Kinesiology session – what needs to be healed, what do you want to create.

2 – Healing and manifesting are one and the same activity

You both heal what is out of balance and help to “bring in” what you want during a Kinesiology session.

3 – True healing and manifestation depends on being willing to change

Willingness to change! This might be something you work through when you first start having Kinesiology sessions. Sometimes we might be gaining something from the way things are, sometimes we might not feel ready or change might feel scary. Using Kinesiology we can find what’s standing in the way of you creating change and help balance it.

4 – To change, we need to be willing to let go

Kinesiology can help you let go of old attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

5 – Change requires us to fully accept where we are, a willingness to love ourselves completely and a willingness to be loved completely

Loving and accepting yourself are so important in creating change and some of the most common things that come up in sessions, especially early on.

6 – The norm is what we perceive it to be – if we change our standards, the norm changes as well

As we put in new goals during the session and reduce the stress around them, we’re starting to create new norms for your life.

7 – The more we align our healing and manifestation standards with those of the divine source (Universe, God) and our divine source self, the happier we will be

Often, as you continue to have Kinesiology sessions, issues around spirituality, heart connection, life purpose and direction will start to come up more frequently.

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