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If you're anything like the majority of my clients, you may find that you relate to the following:

YOU: Highly ambitious. Hugely committed to service. Want to honour your gifts in ways that are creatively, spiritually + financially enriching.

PROBABLY: A passionate female entrepreneur who wants to create a successful business.

POSSIBLY: Hard on yourself.

MOST DEFINITELY: Want to follow your own path. Love to learn and grow.

You value:

YOUR BUSINESS: It’s not just an income generator, it’s an expression of your values + talents.

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: You believe your business growth reflects the inner work that you do.

SUPPORT THAT LIFTS YOU UP: You won’t hand your power over. Instead you seek resources + people who support your sovereignty (+ your sanity).

You feel called to do the work that you do.

You’re on a mission, but you know there must be an easier way.


  • You get stuck or overwhelmed
  • You love what you do but you’re just not attracting enough clients or making enough money
  • You experience self-doubt and wonder whether you’re on the right path
  • People don’t understand what you do or why you do it


  • You want to know how to get yourself back on track when you feel lost
  • You want to know how to return to your own centre and stay in alignment with yourself and your business
  • You want to feel in control, secure and empowered as you move forwards
  • You want to attract more clients. I can help with that part right now, sign up to my Ideal Clients webinar here

Blind spots and challenges:

You are passionate about what you do and always operate from a place of integrity, but you really desire a successful business which supports you abundantly, whilst also having a wonderfully balanced life outside of work.

Sometimes you’re not sure if this is even possible.

It is.

If you really want a successful business, but find you get in your own way, I created my group program: Align + Attract for you.

In Align + Attract, I teach you how to clear your own blocks and align to your business goals using my very own alignment process, which I developed and first taught to other business owners back in 2011.

In the program, you learn how to align to your big picture intentions – your WHY for being in business in the first place. You also align to attracting your ideal client, your fees, your income goals and attracting your ideal numbers.

Alongside the beautifully presented course content, you have access to a wonderfully supportive and active community of creative, intuitive and inspiring solopreneurs just like you, who are aligning to their goals too. You also get my support and feedback as you share your alignments, questions, wins and challenges.

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