Does Kinesiology via Skype really work?

This is the number one question I have been asked since I moved to working with the vast majority of my clients via Skype this year. There are so many obvious advantages to being able to work via Skype.  It’s extremely convenient, efficient and eliminates the need to travel for sessions, or to choose a practitioner based on proximity.

I work with clients who want and need what I offer from right around Australia and the world. Many weeks I work with as many clients overseas – predominantly the UK, USA and Canada, as I see clients from Australia. Many of my clients are passionate, creative and successful entrepreneurs themselves, who often work with their own clients, coaches and other healing practitioners via Skype, and so working via Skype is a completely natural and desirable option. Lots of my clients get great results and TALK about their experiences to other entrepreneurs, and many of my new clients come through word-of-mouth.

Also, lots of new clients tell me they’ve heard about me through people like Leonie Dawson, Denise Duffield-Thomas and Kat Loterzo, who are wildly successful entrepreneurs who have had Kinesiology sessions with me via Skype and have recommended me to their tribes in various ways (BIG GRATITUDE!)

Holistic Kinesiology practitioners are often in short supply in the USA and other places (we are lucky in Australia!) so working with someone via Skype can sometimes be the only option. SO good that the internet has opened up access to Kinesiology to people who had to miss out on its awesomeness previously.

BUT. Is Kinesiology via Skype as GOOD as seeing me in person? Does it actually WORK as effectively?

Watch this 3 min video to hear my thoughts:

And, here’s a summary of the video.

Have you ever wondered how Kinesiology via Skype really works? Or even, whether it really works?

Well, stay tuned, because I’ve got a little secret for you about my experience with working with Kinesiology via Skype.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got a few questions about how Kinesiology via Skype works.

1. How can you use muscle testing if I’m not with you in person?

Great question! When I work with you via Skype, I muscle test myself on your behalf. That works just as accurately at detecting your imbalances, and also identifying what it is that you need to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.

2. Doesn’t it feel more impersonal?

Aren’t we lucky with technology! I have found that when I work with my clients via Skype, that we have the same feelings of closeness and connection that we do when I work with my clients in person. And my clients open up to my in the same ways, the feel the same kinds of emotions, they find they get the same kinds of energetic shifts and sensations in their bodies that my clients describe when they see me in person. And most importantly? They get the same kinds of results.

3. Does it actually work?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I have actually found, that in some cases, working with Kinesiology via Skype can be even MORE effective than working in person!

I have discussed this with some clients I have also seen in person and I think this is partially due to the fact that when we work via Skype, you have the feeling and the KNOWING that it is you who is doing the work. This is always the case – I am only EVER the facilitator – but I think working this way can encourage a deeper level of self-responsibility.

And the more responsibility you take for your situation, behaviour, emotions, attitudes, patterns, healing and growth?

The more likely you are to make BIG changes in your life!

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