How quickly will I feel better?

Over the years I have often heard variations on the question: how soon will I feel better? Of course I can’t answer that. Healing doesn’t tend to follow a predictable path and part of the process of Kinesiology is to connect you to your own wisdom.

The biggest influence on the speed of change in your life is … YOU! Firstly, how ready and willing you are to change (within yourself, not just externals), how committed you are to do the work and then how much you actually take what you learn and apply it in your life.

Ironically, if you come to Kinesiology (or many other things!) committed to change and knowing that it will take time, the results are often dramatic and speedy. If you come looking for a “quick fix” you might not get the results you want and give up, or find that progress is slower.

Everyone has their own unique experience with Kinesiology but I’ve noticed that when people have sessions over a period of time, as many of my clients do, the healing process tends to flow through three main phases.

Phase one – “Oh my god my life is a mess”

Not everyone feels like this when they come for their first session, but a lot do! Often there will be an overriding issue to deal with – such as depression, anxiety, grief, overwhelm due to life events. There may be a series of physical issues (pain, digestive issues, immune problems, conditions) and problems in a range of areas of life – work, relationships, family, direction. There can be a feeling that nothing is really working.

Believe it or not, if you are a) completely sick of this, b) ready for change and c) prepared to commit some resources (time, money, energy) towards dealing with it, this phase usually passes quite quickly!

Often someone will come back after their first session and many of the symptoms have “miraculously” already disappeared. Very bizarre!

Phase two: “Ok now I’m not so overwhelmed I have some stuff to look at”

It can be an enormous relief to start feeling like you’re moving forwards. Most people realise that this is not the end of the road though, and the next phase tends to involve looking at a range of issues that kind of “under pinned” the main stress/issues.

Usually you will identify these yourself – things like self esteem, confidence, communication, relationships, boundaries, being kinder to yourself, emotional eating, issues at work, etc.

During this phase you will often find there are layers of the issue to work through. For example, you might work on self esteem and initially focus on how you feel within yourself, then how you feel in your relationship and then how you feel at work.

Patterns of behaviour tend to change over a period of time rather than a quick, dramatic shift. You will probably start to find some core themes coming through for you – such as putting others before yourself, self criticism, needing to connect to your heart, holding on to emotions etc. Over time you gain more awareness about how to support yourself to make positive change.

Usually in this phase you would tend to have sessions fortnightly – monthly, depending on how you feel. Usually you can judge this for yourself or I can muscle test to check what may be helpful.

Phase three – “Making positive changes” and/or “Uh oh, more stuff is happening”

This phase obviously blends with phase two as making positive changes definitely occurs as you’re looking at your stuff. However once you’re feeling like things are generally going well, bigger changes may come up – you might decide you want to change your career for example, or may start to actively seek a new relationship or more general things such as wanting to fulfill your potential. During this phase you clear blocks that may be preventing you from achieving what you truly want in your life.

By now, you’ve probably had quite a few Kinesiology sessions over a period of time. Life obviously continues on and despite what we may sometimes wish, it doesn’t just get better and better!

New things happen – work, family, relationship, friend issues or other events. However you’ll probably find yourself dealing with these new challenges with greater awareness and ease.

Sometimes, as you become stronger within yourself, old issues come to the surface to be dealt with. Things that you may not have dealt with at the time because you didn’t have the time, maturity, resources or support to cope with them then. They might be triggered by things that happen in your life now. Sometimes even good events – like the start of a positive, supportive relationship – might cause these triggers.

Although it can be very uncomfortable, this allows deep healing to occur so you can create your life with increasing freedom – rather than just reacting to events or situations from the past, often without even realising! Again, there will often be layers and this will usually be a process to work through over time.

People in this phase take responsibility for their own healing and growth, recognising they can only change themselves but feeling empowered to do so. They will often come to me with a list of what they want to focus on and/or can often articulate what is going on, how they feel and how it may connect to other issues that have arisen. They may have worked on it to an extent themselves and just want some help to move it through.

You will usually feel more connected to your intuition by now and can feel the energy work more easily. Typically by now you’d have sessions every 3 – 6 weeks depending on how you’re feeling, what you want to achieve and what new things come up in your life.

So, if you’re a client, do share if that sounds right for you? Or any other thoughts welcome 🙂

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