If you’re in business, there are likely to be some things you struggle with.

It’s incredibly common to experience challenges in business – at ALL stages, not just in the beginning. The challenges just change as your business grows.

In some ways it becomes even MORE important to get the right support in place so you can get out of your own way and continue to achieve your goals – whilst also supporting your wellbeing, and ensuring you feel fulfilled in other areas of your life too.

Recently Leonie Dawson shared a few of the things SHE struggles with, despite having a wildly successful businessShe includes fortnightly sessions with me as an important part of her success strategy.


Yes, we can have amazing, beautiful lives. We can have abundant, prosperous businesses to support our gifts.

And as Leonie says in her blog post:

“It’s a constant juggle and re-tweaking to get everything to feel right.

And then things/needs/situations shift, and it’s a tweak again.

And of course, I’m bloody grateful for it all.

But I want to be totally honest too about this:

There’s still stuff to heal + grow past + feel itchy about here too.

Growth is as constant as change.

And I’m grateful for all of it.

And also totally, 100% allowed to have parts where I am still struggling too.”

We ALL have parts where we struggle and we ALL benefit from getting the right support.

It’s not a sign of failure.

It’s smart!

The most successful (and happy) entrepreneurs I know get the support they need to stay in alignment.

Kinesiology can make SUCH a huge difference.

Personally, I’m always tweaking the kind of support I give myself so I can stay in alignment.

If you’d like to add me to YOUR success team, take a look at my Align my Life // Align my Business packages.

Because, yes we can have amazing, beautiful lives, and abundant and prosperous businesses to support our gifts. And yes they can be in alignment with your soul and heart.

Give yourself permission to get the support you need, in whatever form. It’s worth it.

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