A Kinesiology session via Skype feels very similar to a session in person.

Before your session you fill out an intake form and you let me know all the things you’re wanting to focus on, and what is a stress for you. I read that prior to your session.

At the start of your session we talk about the main priorities, and then we look at what are some of the goals that we’re wanting to achieve; how are you wanting to feel, and what are the goals that you really want.

During the session, I use muscle testing.

I muscle test myself on your behalf. I have a very clear intention that that is what I am doing. The way I muscle test in Skype is I have my arm resting like this. It is usually below your line of sight, so you can’t necessarily see what I am doing.

I am then muscle testing as I’m asking questions throughout the session.

When I get a weak muscle response, that tells me that that goal, issue or emotion is a stress for you. The muscle test can also tell me,

“This is where we need to go next. So that is the book that we need, that’s the flower essence we need, that’s what we need to talk about next, that’s a priority for us to focus on.”

I am using muscle testing throughout the session.

As different things come up during the session we talk about them. So, there might be a flower essence that comes up, and I will explain to you what this is about, and we discuss how this connects to the issues you are wanting to work on. We start to really create a story, and create a picture about what it is that is going on for you.

Then through the muscle testing I am asking,

“What is it that we need to bring you back into a state of balance around these issues?”

We might hold an acupressure point. We both do that together. I might take a flower essence on your behalf. We might use a card. I use Liquid Crystal cards and different kinds of oracle cards, and we get information from those. I use a variety of different books, manuals and resources, crystals. They are all helping to provide information, to create awareness and to shift your energy.

I have had a lot of clients who have worked with me in person, some of them for many years when I was in Melbourne, and they have also worked with me via Skype.

A few of my clients were really reluctant to try it, they just couldn’t imagine they could get the same results, or that it would feel the same. Just today I worked with someone and she said, “It is the same!” You can watch my previous video, Does Kinesiology via Skype work? here.

What happens at the end of your Skype session?

At the end of your Skype session I muscle test and ask, is there anything else we need to know, anything we need to integrate or anything that we need to clear? Then we start to go back through all your goals. We check in with all of them (through muscle testing) and just make sure they are all aligned and balanced.

I also check how long your session is going to take to integrate, which will usually be a certain number of hours, days or occasionally weeks or months.

The effects of a Kinesiology session are often seen for some time after a session. Magic!

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