How should you prepare for a Kinesiology session?

In this video I give you some guidelines so you can get the most out of your Kinesiology sessions with me.

If it’s your first session, you will fill out an intake form and send that back to me. If it’s a follow up session, then it is also great to prepare in advance.

I have a form you can fill out, you can otherwise email me, and let me know what has been shifting and what you’d like to work on this time, otherwise some clients like to have their own notes in front of them and talk me through what they want to focus on, or occasionally they might just arrive and in the moment tell me what is presenting for you.

Occasionally clients will arrive and tell me, “I’m not 100% sure what I want to focus on today,” and that’s fine. However, I do encourage you to prepare, so you can get the absolute most out of your session.

Is there an approach I recommend?

It’s really good to be clear about your intention for your session. I have found that clients who are really clear that they want change, they are clear that they want a big transformation, they are often the clients who get that.

When you really know that it’s up to you, and you need to empower yourself, you need to take full responsibility, and you need to make the changes happen that you want to make, Kinesiology can be such a great support with that. When you feel this way, you’re in such a good place to enable the changes to occur.

What are my preparation tips?

Be organised. Check your Skype in advance (we’ll work around any issues!) Make sure you have water with you. You might want a pen and paper so you can take down some notes (I type up notes but you might want to record some key reminders or aha moments). Shut down all social media distractions. Turn your phone on silent. Move it away from you so you’re not tempted to look at it. Close down your email.

Be open.

Know that you have been guided to a Kinesiology session for deeper reasons than you are maybe even aware of.

Be open to the journey and see what’s going to present for you.

This is guidance and wisdom from your own body (via the muscle testing I use) to help you on your own path.

You might vary how you prepare depending on the circumstances and what’s going on for you at the time.

Occasionally clients might feel like they need to fill out a detailed form to explain where they’re at.

Other times they mightn’t do any preparation at all, and they really want to get that insight about what their body has got to say; what’s coming up through the muscle testing.

And it’s quite interesting in those instances, sometimes with the very first or second thing that comes up they think, or say, “I can’t believe that has come up straight away! Yes I absolutely need to focus on that!”

These can occasionally be the most interesting sessions and I’ve had many clients who have started sessions with, “I’m not sure what I want to focus on today,” or “I don’t think I’ve got too much going on,” say at the end of their session, “I can’t believe I didn’t think I had anything to focus on! That session was huge!”

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