Dealing with our uncomfortable emotions.

Often in Kinesiology sessions, emotions like anger, resentment or bitterness will come up. We might also feel these emotions come up when doing an alignment as part of my Align + Attract group program or using my DIY Kinesiology Kit.

We all feel these emotions at different times but often don’t want to… so instead we’ll deny, suppress, stuff them down and they’ll come out in other ways.

We might find ourselves feeling frustrated at small things or snap at those we love without really knowing why.

Anger and other strong emotions can build up over time if we don’t address them.

Sometimes the anger and frustration builds to a point where it can’t be suppressed anymore.

It might feel that there are so many things we’re angry about, or want to let go of.

We’re totally aware of it, but we might not know what to actually do about it.

Your anger may be directed at a particular person or people. Deep down, you might know that if you actually expressed how you felt, however justified, you’d do more harm than good.

Or it might be that your anger is directed at someone you definitely can’t express it to – a boss, for example.

The anger might be directed at a situation that’s not in your control, or on behalf of someone else. There might not actually be anyone to express the anger to.

So what can you actually do about it?

Channelling your anger out in a more productive way, such as through exercise, is one way.

However it can be helpful to actually acknowledge those things you’re angry about, or want to let go of, and creating a kind of ritual can help.

Here’s one I’ve used before:

Letting go of anger ritual.

  1. Start with a pack of post it notes, or just small pieces of paper, a pen and a jar, box or plastic bag.
  2. One at a time, write down the different things you are angry about, or simply want to let go of and leave behind.
  3. Crumple up the piece of paper.
  4. Read it out loud and put it into the jar, box or plastic bag with a clear intention: “I’m letting go of this”, “I’m done with this”, “This is now in the past” or similar.
  5. Continue, naming all the big and small things you can think of.
  6. Once you feel complete, leave the items somewhere you can see them for a few days and when you see the jar or whatever you used, remind yourself: I’ve let go of all that. If you think of new things to add, continue to add them.
  7. You might choose to burn or throw away the bits of paper when you feel completely done.

Personally, I found this process really healing and cleansing.

When we acknowledge and let go of feelings of anger and frustration, we make room for so much more love, peace and happiness.

What have you done to help let go of the past? How did it work for you?

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