We’d all love to find a way to magically come into alignment and easily all of our goals and desires.

We want to be able to tell the Universe/God/life everything we want. We want to get into alignment with all our goals, fast. And we want to stay there, without too much effort on our part.

Sometimes we’d all just love the magical solution.

Are you ready for your magical solution to get into alignment fast and stay there forever? Here it is!

You can’t.

You can’t force yourself into alignment.

You can’t demand to get there fast if you’re not willing to make the changes required to truly get into alignment.

You can’t use the concept of alignment to control and manipulate life into giving you stuff you want (when you’re fundamentally not aligned to what you desire.)

You can’t force achievements and outcomes from a place of depletion or desperation (not with any sustainability).

You can’t expect to get into alignment and stay there indefinitely with no effort on your behalf to course correct when required.

And you can’t ignore your body and your wellbeing to achieve and create over any length of time, even if you’re passionate about what you do, without also creating health consequences such as adrenal fatigue.

Sometimes, it all feels way too hard.

Here’s what you can do to create more alignment.

You can learn to listen to yourself.

You can learn to notice the signs that you’re heading out of alignment and course correct quickly.

You can learn to discern when slowing down or letting go is what is actually required.

You can learn to trust your own guidance (Kinesiology actually helps you tap into your own guidance, that’s part of what you are accessing in sessions. However sessions also support your confidence to trust yourself more deeply outside of sessions.)

You can learn what helps you stay in alignment and flow.

You can learn to respond the feedback life is giving you. Not getting the responses, reactions and outcomes from people and situations that you’d like? Something’s not in alignment. Pay attention.

You can learn tools (like using signature alignment process which I teach in my DIY Kinesiology Kit and more comprehensively in my Align + Attract group program) for getting back into alignment.

Signs you’re in alignment.

You listen to your body.

You take breaks when you need them.

You respond to the flow of life. When things are moving, you ride the wave. When things slow down, you trust the cycle and allow yourself to slow down too. You know that life has seasons and you attune to them.

You say yes AND no with ease.

You prioritise your health and wellbeing ABOVE business growth or achievement (yes you can grow and achieve, but if it’s at the expense of your health and wellbeing the price can be higher than you expect.)

You feel and express your creativity.

You’re having fun and enjoying your life.

You’re in the moment.

Play the game of alignment.

Getting into alignment CAN be easy.

As I’m writing this now, I’m listening in to Esther Hicks talking about the game of alignment. Audios like this are just one way to gently shift yourself into a greater state of alignment.

Want to go further?

My group program for entrepreneurs: Align + Attract is enrolling right now. When you align in a focus and layered way over a period of time, you create waves of momentum that ripple throughout your whole world. Doing this in a group of other committed change makers is incredibly powerful. Go read some of the amazing testimonials from our participants. We’d love you to join us!

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