Do you know what your values are?

If you don’t, it’s a great question to think about. If you’re clear on your values, it helps you be clear on your priorities, know when to say yes or no to things and people and gives you a way to check in that you are creating a lifestyle that is aligned to what you believe is important.

Here are two resources you might use to make a start on looking at your own values:

Let me share some examples of my values.

I’ll also share a little snapshot of what they mean in my everyday life and my business:


I believe there is enough, and focus on what I do have, rather than what I don’t have. If I’m dissatisfied with something, I try to focus on the opportunities, rather than getting stuck in negativity.

I love seeing others succeed, as I believe that means I can succeed too. In my business, I always believe there are an abundance of wonderful clients to work with and abundant opportunities, choices and ways to fulfil my purpose.

I don’t think in terms of competition – I believe there is enough for everyone.

There is an abundant flow of energy.

What does abundance mean for you?


I have compassion for others and always make every effort to meet people where they are and feel and show empathy. I ALSO show myself compassion and aim to help others do the same for themselves.

Me having a strong cancellation policy in my business is one small example of that. I used to be very understanding of last minute changes. When I saw clients in person, sometimes this might happen 5 times in a week. I realised that by being so understanding and compassionate towards everyone else, that wasn’t really showing a lot of compassion to myself and the need I have for stability and security in my life – same as we all do.

I also discovered there are actually very few last minute emergencies. Usually it’s about prioritising what’s important to us (as I do for all my appointments). These days I charge for changes within 24 hours (unless there was an emergency, or I can fill the spot) and feel completely neutral about that. I expect to do the same if I cancel my appointments within 24 hours too.

What does compassion mean for you?


Aligning yourself is something I teach you how to do in my DIY Kinesiology Kit and it’s what I work on with all my clients. You’re aligned when your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, behaviours, energy, subconscious etc are all saying the same things and are congruent with what you say you want in your life.

For me, alignment is about me making sure that I walk my talk, not so that others can see that I do, but so that I’m aligned within myself. As an example, if I’m working on confidence with clients, but don’t feel confident myself in certain aspects of my life, I would notice that, and make sure I address it.

My desire to stay aligned is one of the reasons I do a lot of self-care in the form of treatments for myself. It’s important to me that I’m growing and ensuring that I meet my own needs so that when I’m giving to my clients it’s always from a place of abundance.

What does alignment mean for you?

The values that are most important to you may change over time but allowing yourself some time and space to get clear on your values and what they mean in your life can be very rewarding.

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