Do you set goals or intentions for your year ahead?

It can be so valuable to reflect on the year that has been, and to think about the goals you would love to achieve and what you’d love to experience and explore in the year ahead.

Back in 2009, Leonie Dawson created a workbook for herself to work through a goal setting process for the year ahead. She soon realised that other people might also love her workbook and made it available for sale. She sold over 1000 copies of the downloadable workbooks that first year and got amazing feedback and the workbooks are now a multi-million aspect of her business and have been available as a hard copy the past few years (you can also still buy downloadable versions).

You can check out Leonie’s workbooks here:

I interviewed Leonie Dawson to get all her insights about how to set goals and intentions for your year ahead.

Leonie is her usual irreverent, hilarious self (language warning!) and gives awesome, actionable tips to help you achieve your goals.

You will hear Leonie’s insights on the kinds of goals you might set, how she uses her workbooks each year (yes, she still uses them herself!), how to get clear on what kinds of goals you’d really love to set and how to know how big you might set your goals.

Leonie also shares lots of brilliant suggestions on how to follow through on your goals to ensure they actually happen – and her tips on staying detached so your self-worth doesn’t get too linked up with goal achievement. It can be a balance to dream big, whilst also accepting that sometimes life changes and challenges may intervene.

I’ve been using Leonie’s workbooks for years and love them. If you’re not using them already, I bet you’ll love them too.

Check out Leonie’s workbooks right here:

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