The story of Align + Attract, right from the channeling of the alignment process back in 2011, to the creation of the Evergreen version today.

I don’t know about you, but I just love stories that take you behind the scenes. It’s so easy to see a shiny, successful-seeming business, course, or website and feel daunted by that. Or to look at what someone has created and wish you could do the same. A few participants in Align + Attract have mentioned they would love to create something like my program for their own business, that feels really integrated, clearly fits into their business and reflects their own unique set of skills and experiences.

The truth is, sometimes there’s a huge process and evolution that has taken place over time to create and evolve a program that has many layers and really is someone’s Soul work. This is true for me with Align + Attract. It took years to bring it to the current level where it helps many participants create profound changes in their businesses, and lives.

It’s worth going back to the start to see how long things can sometimes take, but how necessary each part of the journey really was.

I originally shared some of this information with participants in Align + Attract who may have been feeling any of the following, not so much in relation to me, but in business in general. Maybe you’ve sometimes found yourself doing any or all of these too:

  • Looking at someone who seems to be further ahead than you and wishing you were there now
  • Feeling like things are too slow with your business
  • Feeling up and down as you work towards more alignment (can be particularly true at the start of the process – keep going!)
  • Feeling triggered by something
  • Wishing your Soul work, big picture or clear message about your purpose would hurry up and arrive

I offered the story of Align + Attract as example of a slower burn, that over time has solidified and become increasingly successful. Moving into 2017, Align + Attract will become a far more central component of my business, something I couldn’t have predicted when I taught the initial iteration of this work. Let me talk you through how it all evolved.

My alignment process and initial program were channeled back in 2011.

I had been in business for over two years by this point, and was fully booked with lovely clients. At this time I won a series of three business coaching sessions with a coach I followed. How exciting! When she found out I was already booked out with clients she said right away,

“You’re obviously doing something right. You just need to find out what it is, and bottle it.”

I knew the answer straight away:


Immediately, I began to download all I knew about alignment.

First, a process arrived, which I called: the Alignment Process.

This channeled process was a streamlined version of the way I had cleared my own blocks and created alignment in relation to my own business goals. I had used a wide range of Kinesiology techniques, whereas my alignment process was simple and accessible to anyone (not just Kinesiologists), yet seemed very effective and powerful.

Over the course of a long weekend I wrote down exactly how I had aligned my energy to attract so many lovely clients in my business in a relatively short space of time. This was of course pre the 10 days to $10k or booked out in 30 days, or similar instant success stories and promises. My business growth was steady but not instant.

Creating the first program: Align your energy to attract more clients.

From here I created a basic outline for a series of teleclasses (running teleclasses was the suggestion of the business coach).

I called it: Align your energy to attract more clients. It was a 3 part teleclass series which I priced at $79.

Nonetheless, I arrived at my third and final coaching call only to tell the business coach that I wouldn’t be teaching the class after all.

I had plenty of excellent reasons for this.

I wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested. I didn’t work with many entrepreneurial clients yet so I didn’t know how I was going to market it. I didn’t have any time to create the course as I was so busy with clients. I didn’t want to waste my time not knowing if it would be successful or not.

And of course, the truth: I didn’t know if it was any good. I didn’t know if I was good enough to teach it.

Luckily, the coach was having none of it. She somehow convinced me that if I had a tool that could help others achieve what I had achieved (which was a booked out practice, something lots of practitioners initially strive for), the least I could do was give them the chance to access it.

I invested in getting a relatively inexpensive header and logo created, and had the Chakra cards we use to find the blocks in relation to our goals designed. These were the only costs, maybe $400. The business coach suggested waiting to create the content until I had some sign ups for the paid program so I promoted the course only knowing the basic outline for what we would cover.

I ran a free webinar for the call (with the coach on the line with me) and we had 70 sign up for that. Wonderful!

Here’s the wordpress site for the course: I did have the KFB domain at the time but let it lapse. Never mind. I still see that the site has a really lovely, clear and light energy. My guides were clear in the messages they wanted to convey around alignment right from the start, and since this truly was my Soul work right from then, it was easy for me to write about.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 5.44.45 pm

I aligned to attracting 10 people to the course.

By the first week we had 13. I was thrilled. And then, word spread. By the second call, over 20 had joined us. And then by the third call, over 30 had signed up. I closed off registrations the following week (I was probably overwhelmed by this point, technically I could have carried on selling the recordings) and by then around 40 had signed up.

When you’re bringing your big Soul work to fruition (even in the earliest stages) there can be turbulence. My Awaken Kinesiology site was hacked for the first (and so far only time) right as the course was being promoted.

Creating the content on the fly was fun, but meant I was often up until after midnight creating it, and then working with clients all day. This may have been ok, if I had built in some recovery time, but I didn’t.

Interestingly, or maybe inevitably, I burnt out a few months after I ran the course.

I absolutely loved running it, and it got amazing feedback. I wanted to build on that success right away, but I hadn’t yet learnt I couldn’t just keep on adding new projects and ideas onto an already busy schedule. My definition of success at that point was a BUSY BUSINESS and go me, I totally created that. I didn’t realise you could create adrenal fatigue even when you’re passionate about what you do.

Something had to give, and it was my energy. I had a two week holiday and then kept getting sick. I injured my knee. I started to feel tired and anxious a lot of the time, and started to attract less clients to match my lessened energy levels (this too, is alignment, annoying as it can seem). After a month or two of this, I realised I was burnt out, and that I was going to have to re-build my energy and make some significant changes.

There were other reasons for the burn out – long term emotional stress and financial dramas associated with the person I was in a relationship with, and my subsequent overwork to compensate. I had also just been through years of intense study while working full time and then business start up, BUT I now think it was also a kind of spiritual burnout.

I could only hold that energy for a short time.

Next I created my DIY Kinesiology Kit.

I created my DIY Kinesiology Kit at the end of 2011. Initially I called it the Self-Alignment Kit. After running the Business Alignment teleclass series, participants had started telling me they were using my alignment process for personal goals with equal success, so I created the Kit to teach people how to use my process for all kinds of goals.

I developed the kit whilst in the midst of burn out, and it was the perfect project for this time. Lots of writing and creativity, which I love, and gentle on my energy. And lots of aligning.

I used my own alignment process constantly to help with my own mindset and anxiety levels, which were at a high due to the burn out and dealing with other stressors in my personal life. Gosh, it totally works. It helped me to keep focused on things that were in my control, and able to take action and feel ok within myself, even though it had been a challenge to my ego to slow down, and also to see more clearly the stress around me.

Given the initial program had been so successful, I planned to re-run it in 2012, as soon as my energy returned.

However, I just couldn’t quite get into the energy required. By this point my ex had lost his first job and I was the breadwinner. I focused on my work with lovely clients as that was very stable and consistent, which was important at that time with so much instability around me. I also needed to look after my energy post burn out.

I continued to sell the program as a home study which I of course never promoted. That would have been too easy.

I did sell a few anyway.

2012 was a year of re-building my energy, helping the ex to temporarily get back on track in his career, and focusing on business-related learning and projects. I did B-School that year, had my first photo shoot for the business, re-designed my own website, joined Denise’s Money Bootcamp, put up my rates to a more sustainable level for my energy, and at the end of the year signed up for some exclusive coaching with Leonie Dawson.

By 2013, I was ready to teach alignment again.

This time I created and ran a program with someone who focused on marketing, while I focused on alignment. We called it Grow. Align.Shine. (G.A.S.)

By now, I had more business education, and I was working with many more entrepreneurial clients too. I had started to specialise more in this area as I was attracting these clients and had a real interest in business too. I was learning a lot about what blocks us, and helping individuals at all different levels of business step back into their power, connect to their own truth, and find their own alignment. Some of my more well-known entrepreneurial clients were talking about working with me, leading to increasing numbers of their peers and online circles working with me.

Working with someone else to create that program was fun, but it was probably also motivated by a desire to have some help to hold the energy, as I wasn’t 100% sure I could do it on my own at that stage. At that point it still would have been daunting to individually step into a leadership space in the area of business.

I probably didn’t yet believe alignment was “enough” – even though it had been the KEY to my own success, and I’d already seen evidence of the way it had helped so many in my first program, and of course via my client work.

My confidence in my own approaches and methods was still growing.

Although G.A.S went really well and had lovely participants, I didn’t teach business alignment again for 2 years. In the meantime created another online program, Heal My Adrenal Fatigue, based on what I’d learnt in my own healing journey. I had what at that time was a great launch, with over $10k profit the first time I ran it, and grew my business turnover with client work too. My business had hit low six figures annual turnover by mid 2013.

I was working very hard, so it was lucky I had all the tools I had learnt in recovering from adrenal fatigue and through the experts I interviewed for the program. The ex had by now lost two further jobs and I had taken responsibility for paying our mortgage and all the bills. I had a bit of a life change at the end of 2013 when the marriage abruptly ended with big revelations and associated drama (none of it mine). I moved interstate and my business online.

I focused on healing myself, integrating the changes, teaching another round of Heal My Adrenal Fatigue and transitioning to working with my lovely clients via Skype in 2014.

It was not a time to teach alignment.

It was a time to focus inwards, and gratefully, the business momentum and alignment I had already built carried me beautifully that year.

By the end of of 2014 I was ready to invest the time, money and energy into creating Align + Attract.

I had by now worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial clients.

I had grown and evolved my own business, and I now had a lot more confidence in my own ability to lead, and to teach alignment. I had integrated so much and applied my learning and knowledge in so many ways.

Even then, I had the sales page written (which I have since modified greatly) around August 2014. All the design work started in Jan 2015. The customised website was then built. Over the coming months I created the audios and videos. I didn’t run the program until May 2015, with everything complete. I had never invested so much time and energy in a program (over $10k in hard costs).

That’s how long it took before my energy felt ready. And of course when you teach alignment, your energy has to be BANG ON.

You can’t fake alignment.

Everyone can feel it.

After all the work and expense to create and launch Align + Attract in 2015, and even though the course content was then fully created and I loved running it, I only felt able to run the program once that year. I totally then needed to integrate again.

We had around 35 participants that first round, though some had signed up to B-School through my affiliate link, and a few others had upgraded from the previous versions of the program (I offered an upgrade special for that first round, to honour the participants from earlier versions of the program). Even still, I loved being back teaching the program, and enrolments covered the hard costs of creating the program.

Overall, it was like each time I taught alignment in a group setting, I got a major alignment attunement myself, which I then needed to integrate.

I also upgraded my branding and Awaken Kinesiology website that year. It was a big year for design and website costs, but these helped to create a new foundation, and I now had beautiful online spaces that were in alignment with my energy.

Align + Attract in 2016.

In 2016 I’ve run Align + Attract three times, at the times I planned to. I even ran the third round a month earlier than planned as by now I was pregnant and needed to compress some timelines. Each round attracted a larger group than I expected, with the rest of my business carrying on as normal.

In the September round, I aligned to attracting 40 gorgeous participants, not thinking that there was any real chance of that happening, especially as I was feeling tired in the lead up to the launch with the pregnancy. Luckily my energy did kick in, must have gotten a fresh batch of hormones! And by day one of the program, we had 40 gorgeous new participants exactly. 

We’ve had 80 new participants in the program this year. That’s really successful in some circles, small or modest in others, but perfect for me and my business this year. That’s what alignment is all about.

So all this tells me I’ve now fully integrated the energies. I don’t need to recover or integrate in between rounds. I don’t get in my own way and need to take time to get back into alignment. And I get my own beautiful boost of alignment and momentum each round too.

The program and energy are now fully cooked and so am I.

That’s probably why the book has now come through. I’m hoping to launch that January 2017.

Next, we’re opening up Align + Attract for enrolments on an Evergreen basis. This will happen November 7th.

I’m having a baby in February 2017. Opening the program Evergreen enables me to continue to welcome new participants into the program who would love to join us in Align + Attract without time pressure or set rounds. I’d say it would be pretty likely I’ll launch another live round mid next year (let’s see what babe thinks before I make too many promises!) and anyone who is already in the program will of course invited to join us in future live rounds.

I’ve hired an online business team to help me with launching the Evergreen version of the program. I really needed a project manager to run the process; someone to let me know what I need to have done and when. I do usually pay a virtual assistant to set up all the technical aspects, but this is another level of support. Growing sometimes means investing in extra support, even if that means a temporary loss in profit. You simply can’t do everything, and I’ve learnt not to try.

Denise Duffield-Thomas talks about how important outsourcing is when you’re short on time in my interview with her.

What this means for you.

When we open the doors for the Evergreen program from November 7th, you’ll be able to join Align + Attract at the exact right time for you and access all the same support from me that participants already enjoy. You’ll need to join pretty much if you’d like to go through the whole program before Christmas – perfect way to round out your year and set your energy up for a great 2017.

I am regularly in our Facebook group giving feedback and encouragement and that will continue when babe arrives. I’ll pay for some extra support too to keep everything balanced and supportive, and everyone’s vibes high.

Lots of people say that Evergreen doesn’t work that well because there’s no pressure or incentive to sign up, and so far less people do. However I don’t apply any pressure to sign up to my program in the first place. I’m more than happy to share the many reasons why I think the program is powerful and effective, and the success stories of those in the program. But I don’t try and hit on your fear of missing out, or activate all your pain points so you feel so bad about yourself that you temporarily believe me and my program could be your saviour. Just, no.

Based on theories of launching, I guess my launches shouldn’t go very well in the first place. But I play by my own rules. Of course you need to be savvy and smart in business. You must know your clients. You must have a great product, program or service and be able to clearly express what it is and how it helps others. You can’t just sit on a meditation cushion and wish your way to success. I do take plenty of action. But alignment really is my key.

I trust that my right clients are incredibly smart and intuitive. You know when something feels right. You know if Align + Attract is what you need. You know if now is the right time to sign up (well, from 7th November onwards).

If Align + Attract is calling your name, it will be amazing to welcome you into our beautiful, supportive group.

Sign up to the interest list here to find out when the doors open up again:

So as you can see, sometimes things take time, and go on a windy road to come to fruition.

If you’re trying to connect to your own Soul work and get clear on what you really want to create in your business or life, I recommend you really spend some time tuning in. Get clear within yourself. Cultivate your connection with your own guidance. Journal your heart out. Ask lots of open-ended questions of yourself – and answer them.

Recognise the importance of integrating and embodying your own knowledge and wisdom. If you want to lead or teach – I believe you must walk your talk.

That’s what creates the resonance and impact that others can feel.

That’s what creates alignment.

If you're an entrepreneur and would love to learn how to align your energy and attract more clients, check out Kerry's group program: Align + Attract

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