How do you numb yourself?

Everyone feels painful and uncomfortable emotions.

It doesn’t matter how “perfect” you try to be.

It doesn’t matter how much personal development you do.

It’s just a part of being human.

Sometimes, we see our painful emotions as a failing

We just don’t want to feel them.

So we numb.

How do we numb?

There are so many ways. My clients talk about this all the time. Here are some common examples, do you recognise one or more of these?

  • Binge eating in the morning when a partner leaves for work to abate loneliness or fear, or late at night after a busy day to wind down
  • Numbing out on junk food or chocolate in front of hours of tv
  • Drinking – there are so many ways my clients have described: needing a glass – or few – of wine every night or most nights of the week as a companion, reward or way to cope with stress, not being able to stop after a couple of wines and drinking until passing out/creating drama or regularly waking up feeling anxious about what might have happened whilst drinking the night before
  • Emotional shopping, even though it’s creating increasingly stressful levels of credit card debt
  • Constantly “playing” on your mobile phone and checking social media, emails and texts (even though we might do this to numb, it usually makes us more anxious)

Getting comfortable with our vulnerability

We numb because feeling our uncomfortable emotions makes us feel vulnerable.

We feel might weak, or out of control.

We numb because it works, in the short term. In the long term, it can mean that we actually ignore the real issues (which then get worse), prolong real change or create other issues through our numbing method (which, depending on how we like to numb might impact on our weight, money, relationships, friends, health and/or work).

Brene Brown’s amazing TED talks on vulnerability and shame have been seen by millions and opened up a whole new dialogue on vulnerability. Check out the Oprah’s interview with Brene Brown here.

Kinesiology sessions give you a safe way to deal with your pain and feelings of vulnerability.

Brene Brown’s work really affirms so much of what we do in Kinesiology sessions.

It takes such courage to look deeply and honestly at the difficult emotions in our lives and to make real change from within. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a way of helping ourselves heal, process difficult emotions and create real, lasting change.

Creating change from within can be challenging at times. But it is so worth it.

And much better than the alternative – of self-medicating or numbing in ways that prevent real change or create more problems.

If you want to live in a whole-hearted way, I believe having the honesty to look deeply at ourselves on all levels, to acknowledge our pain, to heal at a deep level and really embrace the present moment is all part of that.

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