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Would you like to find out what’s blocking you from achieving your goals and clear it with ease?

My DIY Kinesiology Kit will help you do exactly that. In the kit I teach you my unique “Alignment Process”. This is an original process I devised in 2011 which you can use to set goals, find out what is blocking you from achieving them, and then bring your energy back into alignment with your goal.

It’s simple, but it works like crazy.

I’m amazed by the results the process has created in my own life, and in the lives of so many others. Hundreds of people have successfully used my Alignment Process to:

  • Get clear on their goals
  • Find out EXACTLY what’s blocking them achieving their goal
  • Learn how to feel the resistance in their body
  • Learn how to shift the resistance and feel a sense of clarity and calm in relation to their goal
  • Go ahead and take positive action
  • Achieve their goals – and best of all, feel calm, clear and relaxed as they do so

When your energy is aligned you feel more comfortable and relaxed and can take confident steps towards your goals.

What’s in the DIY Kinesiology kit?

The DIY Kinesiology Kit e-book: Clear Your Blocks and Get Flowing Again – 60+ pages and delivered straight to your inbox after you order. All about how we get stuck and misaligned with our goals, reminders about how to set great goals and plenty of examples and ideas to help you to have the BEST chance of achieving your goals.

Plus you’ll get access to a private course page where you’ll find:

Your Little Book of Inspiring Goals
Helps you reflect and create goals for 8 key life areas

Alignment Process worksheet
You use this each time you align to a new goal

Downloadable chakra card set
You use these cards to find out where you’re blocked in relation to your goal

Chakra Blocks manual
Includes questions to guide your explorations of your specific blocks in relation to your goals

Alignment Process Audio Download
I take you through the steps

EFT video with me
To help you clear negative thoughts and feelings about your goal

Acupressure video with me
To help you feel calm and grounded

Your DIY Kinesiology Kit costs just $79


This kit is digital. When you pay you’ll receive the DIY Kinesiology Kit ebook straight to your inbox. In it you’ll find a link to the private course page and password so you can download the rest of your resources.

Kerry’s alignment process has literally changed my life!

I had been feeling so uneasy and unsteady and could not figure out why. After using Kerry’s DIY Kinesiology Kit, I figured out that my root chakra was completely out of balance. I was ungrounded, untrusting, and uncomfortable with myself. With this information, I was able to work on balancing this chakra and get my entire life on track. I highly recommend it!

Jen Owen,

The next best thing to having Kerry on speed dial!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the DIY Kinesiology Kit! While nothing could replace my 1 on 1 sessions with Kerry, it’s the next best thing to having Kerry on speed dial and perfect for in between sessions!

Claire Kerslake,

Such a powerful tool.

I’ve been seeing Kerry for Kinesiology for years: I think her work is amazing. I can’t go and see Kerry daily, but now I can use her kit and DIY my alignment! It’s such a powerful tool: I’ve been using it every day since I got it, and incorporating the alignment process into my yoga practice.

Often, I do few extra little alignments through the course of the day too. I am not quite sure how I coped without this kit, to be honest. And I love the creativity of downloading and printing the chakra cards, of printing off the goals book. It’s really empowering, making your own tools. Thank you Kerry.

Nadine Fawell,

A deep sense of clarity & empowered perspective.

I’ve been using the DIY Kinesiology Kit every week, for over a year now, and I absolutely love it! It’s so easy to use and incredibly effective. I’ve worked with the kit to grow my business, align to my ideal clients, bust through some stubborn self-limiting beliefs, and generally to get back on track, with brilliant results.

Each time I’ve self-aligned using the DIY Kinesiology kit, I have a deep sense of clarity and empowered perspective, feeling more aligned and connected with my goals.

Mel Horne,

I find the process very empowering.

Kerry’s DIY Kinesiology kit is like a mini-session with Kerry herself, and a great way to try out her process. The DIY kit helped me make a few shifts to better support myself in focusing while doing creative work. I found the process very empowering. In fact, I loved the shift I felt so much that I came back the very next day to do additional work with it!

Rebecca Kellogg

Your DIY Kinesiology Kit costs just $79


This kit is digital. When you pay you’ll receive the DIY Kinesiology Kit ebook straight to your inbox. In it you’ll find a link to the private course page and password so you can download/access the rest of your resources. 

Disclaimer: I have created this material with the best of intentions that it will support you to become more aligned to your goals. Of course I can make no promises about your specific outcomes. This material is intended for exploration and personal growth and is not a substitute for professional support, should you need it. Like most things in life, you’ll get out of the process what you put into it.

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