Looking at limiting beliefs is something I love to do with my Kinesiology clients.

Often, we might have limiting beliefs we’ve held onto right from childhood. In fact, sometimes we’ve held onto some beliefs for so long that they don’t even feel like a belief. It just feels like “that’s just the way it is.” Other times it’s not until we’re trying to do something new that they come up, such as if we decided we wanted to start our own business.

We might not even be sure why taking a particular action feels so scary until we connect the situation to a belief we’ve picked up in the past, or even from our partner or friends and peers today.

It makes sense that we’re likely to pick up beliefs from our parents or caregivers in childhood. That’s when we’re shaping our views about “what the world is like”.  Sometimes, the opinions and views we’re hearing are positive and abundant, other times they’re more fearful or negative.

Likewise, the views of the people we spend the most time with on a day-to-day basis can have a big impact on how we view the world.

Let me give you an example of how this might play out.

Let’s say you’re working in corporate career that is “ok”. You don’t hate it, but you don’t love it. You start to wonder it there might be something more for you. Secretly, you’d love to create your own business.

It’s times like this that these old beliefs can come to the surface:

  • You might find yourself remembering that your Dad didn’t like his job, but expressed that most people don’t and that’s the way it is
  • Maybe it was important to your parents that you have a “good, secure job”
  • You might think about that time that a family member or friend started a business and it ended up creating a lot of money issues
  • And then you think about all the times your parents argued about money (gah! You don’t want that!)
  • You might think back to when you were at school and everyone thought you would do “x”
  • Maybe some of the people around you think it’s a good idea to just be happy with where you’re at, and grateful you have a job and you wonder if they’re right
  • Or your boss thinks you should be going for a promotion and working on your five year plan and then you wonder if she’s right
  • Maybe you don’t know anyone who has their own small business and it just feels completely out there to even consider that path!

What is the problem with all these beliefs?

The main issue is that they’re not yours! Whenever we’re doing something new, it can be easy to get caught up in limiting beliefs from the past and the beliefs of those around us. By doing something new, especially if it’s a big change, we can be challenging the beliefs of family members, friends or colleagues and this can feel uncomfortable.

It can be hard for friends and family (as much as they love you) to support you through that kind of transition if it’s not one they’ve experienced themselves, especially if they don’t really think it’s possible, or it brings up their own fears. And that can make you question your own thoughts and beliefs.

If you don’t start to clear some of these beliefs, and refocus on what you do really want, and the action steps needed to get there, it’s likely your secret dream to start our own business will stay just that. Secret. And hidden. It will feel too daunting, and too scary to start taking any kind of real action.

Kinesiology sessions can be amazing during times of transition.

When I was changing careers, and moving into my own business, one of the best things I did for myself was to have regular Kinesiology sessions, approximately every month.

Yes it was a financial commitment to do this during an already expensive time, where my expenses due to study were much higher and as I transitioned, my income lower. But it was the best investment ever, because not only did I make the transition, I minimised my freak outs and quickly moved through fears that inevitably came up. My business grew quickly, I worked with lots of beautiful clients right from the start (way back in 2009), and best of all, I love what I do and my business continues to evolve and change and grow in different ways.

That doesn’t mean the transition was always easy.

What were some of the new beliefs I worked on using Kinesiology during MY transition?

As you can imagine, there were MANY.

  • Although my Father is a farmer, and therefore obviously self-employed (he loves what he does), noone in our extended family had started their own small business, so none of us really had any background about what it looked like, or if it was even viable (luckily I had a boat load of faith). New belief: It is possible to successfully start your own business.
  • None of my friends or family knew what Kinesiology was, so it was hard for them to really understand my passion for it, how it worked or how I’d even create a business doing something most people we knew hadn’t heard of. They were supportive but the general consensus? Not possible. Actually, I didn’t think it was possible for me to be full time in my business either, though I have been since 2011. So there you go. New belief: I can follow my own course in life, It is possible for me to create a business doing what I love.
  • Of course I didn’t have any marketing background (I was a teacher) so how was I going to attract new clients when I started my business? This often brings up fears for anyone starting out in business. New beliefs: I easily attract lots of wonderful clients who want and need what I offer, communicating what I do is easy, I easily attract “x” number of lovely clients a week.
  • Like most people new to business, I initially felt funny about charging for my work, and also unclear about how much to charge, so I would align to my fees in my Kinesiology sessions. New beliefs: I am 100% aligned to charging $x for a Kinesiology session, I value what I do, I value myself.
  • Like many people who are starting a new business, I would periodically freak out about money. New beliefs: I am abundantly supported in all ways, I always have enough money.

What new beliefs would best support you right now?

These days, I support my clients to align to positive and supportive beliefs in my Align + Attract group program. If you’re like most of our participants, you’ll find you’re applying the tools + mindset + energy shifts the program helps you create WELL beyond the initial program. You have ongoing access to our wonderful group and support from me as you create your OWN alignment in your business and life.


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