I made you a video!

I often use EFT (or tapping) with clients to help shift negative thoughts and beliefs in their Kinesiology sessions. It’s really powerful and effective, particularly for those times you feel really stuck, negative, resentful, angry, annoyed or frustrated and can’t see a way to change how you feel.

Even though it’s great to incorporate it into your Kinesiology session, EFT is a technique you can use yourself, anytime you feel a bit negative or stuck. I promised a few clients I’d make them a little video to make it easier, so here it is!

Follow through in the video the first time and just use the statements I suggest. Then you might write a list of your own negative beliefs or thoughts and go back through the video, this time listening with the sound turned down, and just follow along tapping the points I’m using with your own statements.

I just went with the flow during the video and used whatever statements came to me; all things clients have said to me before. Sometimes they can even feel a bit ridiculous.

In the video I nearly started laughing when I said “Even though I’m not … smart enough, clever enough, pretty enough” – all things clients have said they worry about. It sounded funny to me when I said it, and that sometimes happens in clinic too – we’ll start laughing at a belief that sounds funny when you verbalise it. It’s like you already realise it’s just not true as soon as you express it out loud.

A lot of our negative self-talk is pretty silly when you look at it with different eyes.

Sorry for the little bit of computer background noise at the start too – I only realised afterwards.

Oh well!

“Even though my videos aren’t perfect, I deeply and completely love myself…!”

For more information on EFT, I recommend Brad Yates. He has tons of free videos on YouTube. Try googling Brad Yates + YouTube + (your specific issue – eg anxiety, fear, worry, money, relationships) – and choose a video from the options that come up.

I’d love to know how you get on!

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