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Hi there!

I’m now on maternity leave and not taking new Kinesiology bookings at this time.

The only way to work with me right now is in my inspiring, empowering and supportive Align + Attract group program. If you’re a solopreneur who would love to learn how to shift your blocks and create more alignment in your business (and life!) we’d love you to join us.

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This is also the best place to find out when new Kinesiology spots open up. My rates are currently $330 for a one hour session.

I’m also releasing a book in 2018: “Align + Attract – Align your energy to create a business you actually love” and again, being in my mailing list will be the best way to hear when it’s released!

Take care,

Kerry x

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PS: If you don’t have a business, my DIY Kinesiology Kit teaches you how to align to your goals (you get a bonus copy with Align + Attract).

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