If you want an aligned business, you need to be in alignment yourself. You can’t just say it. You need to do it.

You can’t just talk about alignment.

You can’t tell your clients one thing but do another yourself.

You can’t wish others would be more committed, but not be committed to you.

You can’t say you want your clients to have great boundaries, but have poor boundaries yourself.

You can’t push and force and ignore your own needs hoping that will lead to success (not without a cost, at least).

You can’t expect to attract clients who want to invest in their own learning, healing or development if you haven’t prioritised investing in your own.

As Seth Godin says: Alignment isn’t something you say. It’s something you do.

Yes, you can grow a misaligned business for a while.

You can grow a HUGE misaligned business.

Plenty of people do.

Those are the kinds of businesses that … suck.

  • Fun is gone
  • Money stuff happens
  • You get sick or burn out
  • You start to hate it
  • There are problems and issues at every turn
  • You have ongoing issues with clients or service providers

An aligned business is very different.

When you feel aligned in your business:

  • You are clear on who you work with and how you help them
  • You communicate with ease and effectiveness
  • You attract great clients, opportunities, support, and money flows
  • You are tuned into what you want and need, and where you’re headed rather than getting caught up in comparisionitis or seeking answers outside yourself
  • You trust yourself to make good decisions and back the decisions you make
  • You focus on what’s important to you and your daily decisions and habits reflect that
  • You enjoy your work and easily identify issues and make changes when things aren’t working
  • You feel resilient, resourceful and energised
  • You have feelings of flow and ease

Want to create more alignment? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Tune in to your own guidance. Write down the answers now:

  1. Where in my life am I saying one thing but doing another?
  2. What do I need to DO right NOW to create more alignment?
  3. What needs to happen so my business can really scale?

You can learn to create more alignment in your business.

This is something I teach in my group program for natural therapists, coaches and other heart-based solopreneurs: alignandattract.com. I first taught this material back in 2011 and several iterations and major upgrades later, Align + Attract is now enrolling for the fourth time. The program will continue to grow and evolve but it’s the last live round for ages as I’m having a baby early in 2017. Now really is the perfect time to join our wonderfully soulful and inspiring group!

If you want to create more alignment in your business, as a starting point, develop daily practices to connect with yourself – journalling, yoga, meditation, running – anything that helps YOU tune in. Let go of mind clutter, release fear, and release self-sabotaging behaviours. This is all great pre-work for Align + Attract too.



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