What does going with the flow mean to you?

Being in the flow is a wonderful state. When we’re in the flow, opportunities seem to just come our way. Our efforts are rewarded. There is a sense of purpose and momentum. We feel connected to the Universe. It’s a state of alignment.

For me, going with the flow means:

  • Staying in a positive and empowered mindset (hint: Kinesiology can help with that)
  • Taking action
  • Listening
  • Staying flexible

And like Danielle, I believe it means responding to cues from the Universe.

What cues are you receiving from the Universe?

We are always receiving cues and clues from the Universe.

Look out for them.

Ask yourself now:

  • Who is currently attracted to you and why? Are you a magnet for positive, inspiring and interesting interactions and ideal clients, or are you currently attracting negative, challenging or superficial interactions?
  • How is your cash flow? Danielle reminds us, yes, the Universe talks in cash flow
  • What kinds of results are your clients getting?
  • Do the people in your life, including clients, recognise your expertise? Sometimes my Kinesiology clients tell me their own clients have mentioned needing to find an expert in an area they believe they are in fact an expert in – time to own and better communicate this expertise. I’ve also had clients tell me about people coming to them for eg technical or systems help, or specific health issues, when they believe their expertise is elsewhere – another opportunity for communication.

What other cues might you notice that the Universe is offering you right now?

Check in.

Surfing life force.

To me, surfing life force means moving forwards boldly when the signs say YES.

Going inwards and listening. It means taking a pause when you don’t feel clear. Getting out of your own way.

Following the flow of movement in your world.

Paying attention to what IS working.

Letting go of what is NOT working. Taking full responsibility; no blame.

Asking yourself and the Universe good questions, like those listed above, and listening to the answers.

What does it mean to live in wakeful trust?

Trust is important. A lack of trust can manifest as an excessive need to control other people, or external events. It can show up as high levels of worry and anxiety. It can look like attachment to highly specific outcomes, with no scope for enjoyment or flow.

At the same time, trust with no basis can also lead to disappointment. Being positive and optimistic can be great – but we do need to stay grounded in reality and connected to the now. Excessive levels of optimism can lead to risky or poor decision making. Excessive positive thinking can be a form of denial or escape. Magical thinking alone will not grow your business.

But wakeful trust? 

What might that look like?

I can relate to the idea of wakeful trust. For me, it looks like a feeling that the Universe does have my back, but that I am fully responsible for choosing what it is that I want and taking action towards my goals. It means I need to pay attention to the signs, always, and be ready to course correct when I go off track.

And what does it mean to totally collaborate with what is showing up for you?

I find it helps to be in a state of positive expectation. Good things are on their way – which ones are you going to pursue? This is about discernment. And decisiveness.

Wishy washy intentions get wishy washy results.

Let me give you an example.

Sometimes I will see Kinesiology clients who have been asking questions like:

“I wonder what I should do next?”

So what does the Universe provide in response? Options. Choices. Opportunities. Sometimes, lots of them! What do they all mean? WHO KNOWS!

Putting out a clear intention can be very powerful.

“If this is the right direction for me, show me evidence in the form of new clients + increased cash flow.”

“I need a new mentor/coach/Kinesiologist. I am ready for change. Who can best support me at this time?” (Interestingly, MANY Kinesiology clients over the years have told me they were specifically asking questions like this right before I came into their awareness.)

“I want to know how to grow from here. Show me the options.” (Note: this will obviously highlight opportunities and possibilities rather than a clear direction, but can you feel how the intention is stronger?)

When you set clear intentions, and then collaborate with what shows up, that’s when magic can start to happen.

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