Do you ever find yourself getting confused with all the conflicting advice you hear?

When you feel a little stuck in one or more areas of your life, it can be a natural response to start seeking the opinions and advice of other people in your world or online. Of course this may be useful, but very often it soon gets super confusing.

Let me give you one example:

—-> “It’s a good thing to want to better yourself. It’s important to set goals. Working towards goals creates happiness.”

—-> “It’s a good thing to accept yourself as you are. It’s important to love yourself now. You should be happy with where you are.”

Two conflicting ideas about goals + self-love + success + happiness, yes?

Which one is right?

“I’m confused. There’s so much conflicting advice out there! How do I know what is right?” <—- said to Kerry often.

WHICH one is right?


Or maybe NEITHER, depending on the true intention and motivation behind what is being expressed by the individual.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you’re working toward goals because you don’t feel good enough, you’ll possibly never feel good enough whatever you achieve.

And if you’re just using the NOTION of self-acceptance to keep yourself stuck in self-sabotaging patterns that don’t really make you happy, that may not be helping you create the life you desire.

You can work towards goals AND/OR accept yourself and your life as it is and be completely happy, depending on the thoughts, feelings, expectations and actions that support your beliefs.

The real truth is that YOU get to decide what is right for you.

YOU get to filter the different thoughts, advice, theories and messages “out there” and discern what YOU actually believe, what YOU actually want and what works for YOU.

Then you can continue the filtration process by noticing how that belief or approach is working for you and upgrading beliefs when you want or need to.

It’s about:

  • Boundaries ie you choosing what’s best for you, free from childhood beliefs, taking on other people’s opinions or being tuned in to what “everyone else” thinks
  • Discernment ie easily filtering any opinions or advice from a centred place and making your own choices
  • Spiritual maturity ie allowing your beliefs to evolve and mature based on life experience and wisdom borne of navigating both challenging AND joyful times
  • Clarity ie you being clear on what you think and feel, what you want, and what’s right for you
  • Sovereignty ie you standing in your own energy and owning your right to run your own life however you choose

This kind of thing comes up A LOT in Kinesiology sessions. My clients tell me they feel overwhelmed by conflicting opinions on health, relationships, dating, business, money, food, growth, raising kids – so many things.

It might be that you don’t know what’s truly right for you, you’re struggling with an either/or belief conflict, you feel disconnected from your own wisdom, or overwhelmed with opinions, advice or theories from others.

In a Kinesiology session, we work together to define what YOU specifically want to feel, for example:

  • I know what’s right for me
  • I am 100% in my own energy
  • I can love and accept myself now AND set goals for my life (or whatever the conflict/s are for you)
  • I allow myself to discern what’s best for me
  • It is safe for me to live my life by my beliefs
  • I know what I want and need

Then we align you to all of that (along with whatever else you’re wanting) and clean it all up energetically so that can become your reality.

You can then feel able to easily sort through advice you receive or opinions you hear from a calm, centred place.






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