What does it mean to awaken?

When I decided to call my business Awaken Kinesiology (before I actually started studying Kinesiology in 2007), I probably had no idea what awakening really meant. I’m sure I thought it was a transformative and positive thing.

After all, the Kinesiology sessions I’d been having had started my awakening process and had already cleared depression I had experienced on and off since the age of 14. Plus, I now had a clear direction for my life. I just KNEW that Kinesiology was the right path for me and that I would be able to help others as I had been helped.

Well I was right.

I HAD started to wake up. I would be able to help others. However I didn’t realise that although I had experienced a big shift, awakening to my higher purpose and truth would continue to unfold over a good few years yet (and let’s face it, will never end).

I didn’t realise how challenging it would be, or how rewarding.

Are you ready to hear my awakening story?

I’d love to know what you think.

Can you relate?

Do any aspects of my awakening story mirror yours?

What emotions did my story bring up for you?

Telling our stories can be a vulnerable experience. However I know that our stories can be a powerful gateway to greater meaning and truth in our lives.

Our stories are powerful. I’d love to hear yours too.

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