Here’s a short list of things that influence my work, but which I rarely talk about. If you’re a Kinesiology client, you may already know some of them, as I’ll mention them if relevant to our session.

Honesty with self and others has been a big theme with clients recently, and I think that has partially inspired me to share some of my own truths here.

  1. I can see past lives. This started back in 2010. I used to use a specific process, and muscle-tested to find out the specifics of the past life coming up. These days I can intend to see the past life or lives relevant to a client’s situation and I download the details right away. I find this quite fascinating.
  2. I’m not certain if past lives are real. Of course this contradicts point 1 (welcome to my world!) but I’m open to the idea that the past lifetimes I see are metaphors or stories to help bring light and awareness to current situations. I don’t feel a need to be “right” about such things as I think we’re all working with our own limited awareness of the vastness of “Soul”, “God”, “the Universe,” etc, no matter how connected we feel. The lifetimes that come through often deeply connect to the client’s current experience and catalyse new insights and perspectives, making them highly useful and powerful either way. My clients are nearly always completely open to the idea of past lives, but I always check before going there.
  3. It took me a very long time to learn healthy boundaries. Then I had a major relationship with someone who ended up showing all the signs of NPD (hindsight being a wonderful thing. I didn’t know what NPD even was while in the relationship). Disentangling from that situation, which took a number of months and included a swift interstate move, was my mastership in learning what it means to have healthy boundaries. Turns out you really do have to honour, respect and care for yourself first, even if other people don’t like it. Who knew!
  4. I learnt the hard way that you can’t manifest or positive mindset your way through some situations. Sometimes your mindset is far from the issue. You must be willing to see the truth, and be prepared to act on what you see, however inconvenient. See point 3.
  5. Some truths are fucking inconvenient. You need to see and deal with them anyway. Otherwise things will continue to get harder and harder until there is some kind of life explosion. See point 3 and 4. There is no point in being hard on yourself because you couldn’t see what you couldn’t see. But when you feel nervous or scared at the thought of seeing the whole truth? That would be a sign that something is more than likely very wrong. Your intuition is onto it, even if you can’t quite put the pieces together. The truth I was scared to see certainly meant my life is now very different than I thought it was going to be, but also, mysteriously, better. Turns out the truth really does set you free.
  6. I have a very large team of guides* that work with me. I got a ton more during and after that mastership process I went through connected to point 4. There are hundreds of them, with divisions, kind of like a spiritual corporation. I first discovered this when I did a Reiki for my business in March 2015 and I was given a lot of accurate information about my future (and now present) partner, including the initial of his first name. They said a separate division was working on it and it was all in place. I thought the “division” thing was a manner of speech, but I’ve since been shown there are many divisions and I consciously outsource to these now. For example, when I have a webinar or talk coming up, I outsource that to the education or speech writing division, and tell them to let me know when it’s done so I can write it down.
  7. At one point earlier this year, I realised the wrong part of me was heading up the corporation. It was a part of me that was quite fearful and scared. She had a lot of fear about a lot of things that could potentially go wrong related to growth. Bless her, she was not the right part of me for that kind of role. A healer identified this issue and she helped put the most talented part of me in charge and the idea of growth has felt great ever since. Phew!
  8. Some of my package clients work with me (in part) because their guides want to learn from my guides. This has come through in the Reiki I do before we start our work together multiple times now. They seem to be learning specific energetic and/or spiritual practices, many of which I don’t consciously understand myself. I gather this is partially why I have so many guides. They like the fact I don’t have an excessive ego and follow my intuition/guidance even when I’m not exactly sure where it’s leading. A bit like any leader employing staff that know more than them in specific areas, without needing to learn their role themselves. Only, I don’t exactly recruit them, not consciously at least. More and more of them just keep showing up!
  9. My guides really like the work we do in Align + Attract and it’s mostly their work. I mean, I wrote it down, and I teach it, but the body of work is something they’re interested in sharing with the world. This group of guides starting arriving in 2011. That was when I first received the alignment process I teach in A+A and taught it in a group program for other wellness practitioners (40 joined the class!) My guides are what makes that program so powerful and life-changing. They like it when I work in groups and on things that are more complex, even though I sometimes resist this. (Align + Attract is often open for enrolments on an Evergreen basis and I sometimes run live rounds too).
  10. My guides teach me new things via my Reiki healings. I do regular readings and healings for myself, monthly healings for my mailing list and I also do a reading for each of my package clients (when I used to see package clients, I’m having a break from this whilst on maternity leave). My guides tend to discourage me from learning new things from others so I rarely take classes or learn new tools externally. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to learn, it’s just that I *am* learning, from them, and the work I’m already doing. I gather it’s also because they’re preparing me to teach my own work, sometime in the future, and want to minimise other influences in this.

* My guides were behind this post and kind of pestered me to keep on writing it even though I was busy doing other things, haha! I didn’t plan to write it. It just arrived, so I wrote it down.

Has something popped up that is true for you that you don’t usually share, but you feel to now? Share away!

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