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Are you ready for deep, lasting change?
You’re in the right place.

With Awaken Kinesiology your own body becomes a wise sage & your trusted business adviser.

I’m Kerry Rowett. I’m a Kinesiologist who works with clients worldwide via Skype.

I read the information held in your body to unleash your inner guidance. I primarily serve successful and ambitious entrepreneurs and high achievers who desire to live and grow in true alignment, with deep integrity.

Together we clear blocks, release unhelpful patterns, and dissolve stagnant energy, and help you connect to your own power and inner knowing.

After eight years booked out with wonderful clients, moving into 2017 I primarily work with my entrepreneurial clients in my Align + Attract group program. We’re opening up the program again in November and if you’d love to learn how to shift your own blocks and create alignment, we’d love you to join our gorgeous group.

Let me help you forge your own path to authentic success.


Align + Attract is my group program for healers, coaches, creatives and other heart-based solopreneurs.

Let me introduce you to it here:

Kerry is one of my (very few) trusted healers.

Well, few insinuates three or more, when in reality, there are two. Needless to say, she’s indispensable.

A potent and powerful coach and catalyst. Kerry is the real deal and I highly recommend the experience of working with her.

Leonie Dawson,

Kerry has been absolutely instrumental in the success of my business.

I’ve worked with her whenever I’ve needed to uplevel my income and expand my vision of what’s possible.
I recommend her to any big-dreaming entrepreneur dedicated to continual self-growth. Thank you Kerry!

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money mindset mentor,

Work With Me

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